Delphinic acid. (Chem.) See Valeric acid, under Valeric. [Obs.]

(Del*phin"ic), a. [From NL. Delphinium, the name of the genus.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the larkspur; specifically, relating to the stavesacre (Delphinium staphisagria).

(Del"phi*nine) n. [Cf. F. delphinine.] (Chem.) A poisonous alkaloid extracted from the stavesacre as a colorless amorphous powder.

(Del"phi*noid) a. [L. delphinus a dolphin + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the dolphin.

(||Del`phi*noi"de*a) n. pl. [NL.] (Zoöl.) The division of Cetacea which comprises the dolphins, porpoises, and related forms.

(||Del*phi"nus) n. [L., a dolphin, fr. Gr. delfi`s, delfi`n.]

1. (Zoöl.) A genus of Cetacea, including the dolphin. See Dolphin, 1.

2. (Astron.) The Dolphin, a constellation near the equator and east of Aquila.

(Del"ta) n.; pl. Deltas [Gr. de`lta, the name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet (the capital form of which is &DELTA, Eng. D), from the Phœnician name of the corresponding letter. The Greeks called the alluvial deposit at the mouth of the Nile, from its shape, the Delta of the Nile.] A tract of land shaped like the letter delta especially when the land is alluvial and inclosed between two or more mouths of a river; as, the delta of the Ganges, of the Nile, or of the Mississippi.

(Del`ta*fi*ca"tion) n. [Delta + L. facere to make.] The formation of a delta or of deltas. [R.]

(Del*ta"ic) a. Relating to, or like, a delta.

(||Del*thy"ris) n. [NL., fr. Gr. de`lta the name of the letter &DELTA + thy`ra door.] (Zoöl.) A name formerly given to certain Silurian brachiopod shells of the genus Spirifer.

Delthyris limestone(Geol.), one of the divisions of the Upper Silurian rocks in New York.

(Del"tic) a. Deltaic.

(||Del*tid"i*um) n. [NL., fr. Gr. de`lta, the letter &DELTA.] (Zoöl.) The triangular space under the beak of many brachiopod shells.

(Del`to*he"dron) n. [Gr. de`lta, the letter &DELTA + 'e`dra seat, base.] (Crystallog.) A solid bounded by twelve quadrilateral faces. It is a hemihedral form of the isometric system, allied to the tetrahedron.

(Del"toid) a. [Gr. deltoeidh`s delta- shaped; de`lta the name of the letter &DELTA + e'i^dos form: cf. F. deltoïde. See Delta.] Shaped like the Greek &DELTA (delta); delta-shaped; triangular.

Deltoid leaf(Bot.), a leaf in the form of a triangle with the stem inserted at the middle of the base. Deltoid muscle(Anat.), a triangular muscle in the shoulder which serves to move the arm directly upward.

Delphine to Demeanor

(Del"phine) a. [L. delphinus a dolphin, Gr. delfi`s, delfi`n.] Pertaining to the dolphin, a genus of fishes.

(Del*phin"ic) a. [See Delphin, n.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the dolphin; phocenic.

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