Deletion to Delineable

(De*le"tion) n. [L. deletio, fr. delere. See Delete.] Act of deleting, blotting out, or erasing; destruction. [Obs.] Jer. Taylor.

A total deletion of every person of the opposing party.
Sir M. Hale.

(Del`e*ti"tious) a. [L. deleticius.] Of such a nature that anything may be erased from it; — said of paper.

(Del"e*tive) a. Adapted to destroy or obliterate. [R.] Evelyn.

(Del"e*to*ry) n. [See Delete.] That which blots out. [Obs.] "A deletory of sin." Jer. Taylor.

(Delf) n. [AS. delf a delving, digging. See Delve.] A mine; a quarry; a pit dug; a ditch. [Written also delft, and delve.] [Obs.]

The delfts would be so flown with waters, that no gins or machines could . . . keep them dry.

(Delf), n. Same as Delftware.

(Delft) n. Same as Delftware.

(Delft"ware`) n. (a) Pottery made at the city of Delft in Holland; hence: (b) Earthenware made in imitation of the above; any glazed earthenware made for table use, and the like.

(Del"i*bate) v. t. [L. delibatus, p. p. of delibare to taste; de- + libare to taste.] To taste; to take a sip of; to dabble in. [Obs.]

(Del`i*ba"tion) n. [L. delibatio: cf. F. délibation.] Act of tasting; a slight trial. [Obs.] Berkeley.

(Del"i*ber) v. t. & i. To deliberate. [Obs.]

(De*lib"er*ate) a. [L. deliberatus, p. p. of deliberare to deliberate; de- + librare to weigh. See Librate.]

1. Weighing facts and arguments with a view to a choice or decision; carefully considering the probable consequences of a step; circumspect; slow in determining; — applied to persons; as, a deliberate judge or counselor. "These deliberate fools." Shak.

2. Formed with deliberation; well-advised; carefully considered; not sudden or rash; as, a deliberate opinion; a deliberate measure or result.

Settled visage and deliberate word.

3. Not hasty or sudden; slow. Hooker.

His enunciation was so deliberate.
W. Wirt.

(De*lib"er*ate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Deliberated; p. pr. & vb. n. Deliberating.] To weigh in the mind; to consider the reasons for and against; to consider maturely; to reflect upon; to ponder; as, to deliberate a question.

(De*lib"er*ate), v. i. To take counsel with one's self; to weigh the arguments for and against a proposed course of action; to reflect; to consider; to hesitate in deciding; — sometimes with on, upon, about, concerning.

The woman that deliberates is lost.

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