Decomposition of forces. Same as Resolution of forces, under Resolution.Decomposition of light, the division of light into the prismatic colors.

(De`com*pound") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Decompounded; p. pr. & vb. n. Decompounding.] [Pref. de- (intens. in sense 1) + compound, v. t.]

1. To compound or mix with that is already compound; to compound a second time.

2. To reduce to constituent parts; to decompose.

It divides and decompounds objects into . . . parts.

(De`com*pound"), a. [Pref. de- (intens.) + compound, a.]

1. Compound of what is already compounded; compounded a second time.

2. (Bot.) Several times compounded or divided, as a leaf or stem; decomposite.

(De`com*pound"), n. A decomposite.

(De`com*pound"a*ble) a. Capable of being decompounded.

(De`con*cen"trate) v. t. To withdraw from concentration; to decentralize. [R.]

(De*con`cen*tra"tion) n. Act of deconcentrating. [R.]

(De`con*coct") v. t. To decompose. [R.] Fuller.

(De`com*pose"), v. i. To become resolved or returned from existing combinations; to undergo dissolution; to decay; to rot.

(De`com*posed") a. (Zoöl.) Separated or broken up; — said of the crest of birds when the feathers are divergent.

(De`com*pos"ite) a. [Pref. de- (intens.) + composite.]

1. Compounded more than once; compounded with things already composite.

2. (Bot.) See Decompound, a., 2.

(De`com*pos"ite), n. Anything decompounded.

Decomposites of three metals or more.

(De*com`po*si"tion) n. [Pref. de- (in sense 3 intensive) + composition: cf. F. décomposition. Cf. Decomposition.]

1. The act or process of resolving the constituent parts of a compound body or substance into its elementary parts; separation into constituent part; analysis; the decay or dissolution consequent on the removal or alteration of some of the ingredients of a compound; disintegration; as, the decomposition of wood, rocks, etc.

2. The state of being reduced into original elements.

3. Repeated composition; a combination of compounds. [Obs.]

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