Davy Jones's Locker, the ocean, or bottom of the ocean.Gone to Davy Jones's Locker, dead, and buried in the sea; thrown overboard.

Davy lamp
(Da"vy lamp`) See Safety lamp, under Lamp.

(Da"vyne) n. [See Davyum.] (Min.) A variety of nephelite from Vesuvius.

(Da"vy*um) n. [Named after Sir Humphry Davy, the English chemist.] (Chem.) A rare metallic element found in platinum ore. It is a white malleable substance. Symbol Da. Atomic weight 154.

(Daw) n. [OE. dawe; akin to OHG. taha, MHG. tahe, tahele, G. dohle. Cf. Caddow.] (Zoöl.) A European bird of the Crow family often nesting in church towers and ruins; a jackdaw.

The loud daw, his throat
displaying, draws
The whole assembly of his fellow daws.

The daw was reckoned as a silly bird, and a daw meant a simpleton. See in Shakespeare: — "Then thou dwellest with daws too." (Coriolanus iv. 5, 1. 47.) Skeat.

(Daw), v. i. [OE. dawen. See Dawn.] To dawn. [Obs.] See Dawn. Drayton.

(Daw), v. t. [Contr. fr. Adaw.]

1. To rouse. [Obs.]

2. To daunt; to terrify. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(||Dauw) n. [D.] (Zoöl.) The striped quagga, or Burchell's zebra, of South Africa (Asinus Burchellii); — called also peechi, or peetsi.

(Dav"en*port) n. [From the name of the original maker. Encyc. Dict.] A kind of small writing table, generally somewhat ornamental, and forming a piece of furniture for the parlor or boudoir.

A much battered davenport in one of the windows, at which sat a lady writing.
A. B. Edwards.

(Da*vid"ic) a. Of or pertaining to David, the king and psalmist of Israel, or to his family.

(Dav"it) n. [Cf. F. davier forceps, davit, cooper's instrument, G. david davit; all probably from the proper name David.] (Naut.) (a) A spar formerly used on board of ships, as a crane to hoist the flukes of the anchor to the top of the bow, without injuring the sides of the ship; — called also the fish davit. (b) pl. Curved arms of timber or iron, projecting over a ship's side of stern, having tackle to raise or lower a boat, swing it in on deck, rig it out for lowering, etc.; — called also boat davits. Totten.

Davy Jones
(Da"vy Jones") The spirit of the sea; sea devil; — a term used by sailors.

This same Davy Jones, according to the mythology of sailors, is the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep, and is seen in various shapes warning the devoted wretch of death and woe.

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