(Cu"li*na*ri*ly) adv. In the manner of a kitchen; in connection with a kitchen or cooking.

(Cu"li*na*ry) a. [L. culinarius, fr. culina kitchen, perh. akin to carbo coal: cf. F. culinare.] Relating to the kitchen, or to the art of cookery; used in kitchens; as, a culinary vessel; the culinary art.

(Cull) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Culled (k?ld); p. pr. & vb. n. Culling.] [OE. cullen, OF. cuillir, coillir, F. cueillir, to gather, pluck, pick, fr. L. colligere. See Coil, v. t., and cf. Collect.] To separate, select, or pick out; to choose and gather or collect; as, to cull flowers.

From his herd he culls,
For slaughter, from the fairest of his bulls.

Whitest honey in fairy gardens culled.

(Cull), n. A cully; a dupe; a gull. See Cully.

(Cul"len*der) n. A strainer. See Colander.

(Cull"er) n. One who picks or chooses; esp., an inspector who selects wares suitable for market.

(Cul"let) n. [From Cull, v. t. ] Broken glass for remelting.

(Cul"let), n. [A dim. from F. cul back.] A small central plane in the back of a cut gem. See Collet, 3 (b).

(Cul`li*bil"i*ty) n. [From cully to trick, cheat.] Gullibility. [R.] Swift.

(Cul"li*ble) a. Easily deceived; gullible.

(Cull"ing) n.

1. The act of one who culls.

2. pl. Anything separated or selected from a mass.

(Cul"lion) n. [OF. couillon, coillon, F. coon, a vile fellow, coward, dupe, from OF. couillon, coillon, testicle, fr. il the scrotum, fr. L. coleus a leather bag, the scrotum.] A mean wretch; a base fellow; a poltroon; a scullion. "Away, base cullions." Shak.

(Cul"lion*ly), a. Mean; base. Shak.

(Cul"lis) n. [OF. coleïs, F. coulis, fr. OF. & F. couler to strain, to flow, fr. L. colare to filter, strain; cf. LL. coladicium. Cf. Colander.] A strong broth of meat, strained and made clear for invalids; also, a savory jelly. [Obs.]

When I am exellent at caudles
And cullises . . . you shall be welcome to me.
Beau. & Fl.

(Cul"lis), n.; pl. Cullises [F. coulisse groove, fr. the same source as E. cullis broth.] (Arch.) A gutter in a roof; a channel or groove.

(Culls) n. pl. [From Cull,, v. t.]

1. Refuse timber, from which the best part has been culled out.

2. Any refuse stuff, as rolls not properly baked.

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