Crowned to Cruelty

(Crowned) p. p. & a.

1. Having or wearing a crown; surmounted, invested, or adorned, with a crown, wreath, garland, etc.; honored; rewarded; completed; consummated; perfected. "Crowned with one crest." Shak. "Crowned with conquest." Milton.

With surpassing glory crowned.

2. Great; excessive; supreme. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Crown"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, crowns. Beau. & FL.

2. [Cf. Coroner.] A coroner. [Prov. Eng. or Scot.]

(Crown"et) n. [See Crown, Coronet.]

1. A coronet. [R.] P. Whitehead.

2. The ultimate end and result of an undertaking; a chief end. [Obs.]

O this false soul of Egypt! this grave charm . . . .
Whose bosom was my crownet, my chief end.

(Crown"-im*pe"ri*al) n. (Bot.) A spring-blooming plant (Fritillaria imperialis) of the Lily family, having at the top of the stalk a cluster of pendent bell-shaped flowers surmounted with a tuft of green leaves.

(Crown"less), a. Without a crown.

(Crown"let) n. A coronet. [Poetic] Sir W. Scott.

Crown office
(Crown" of`fice) (Eng. Law) The criminal branch of the Court of King's or Queen's Bench, commonly called the crown side of the court, which takes cognizance of all criminal cases. Burrill.

(Crown"piece`) n. (a) A piece or part which passes over the head, as in a bridle. (b) A coin [In sense (b) properly crown piece.] See Crown, 19.

(Crown"-post`) n. Same as King-post.

(Crown"-saw`) n. [From its supposed resemblance to a crown.] (Mech.) A saw in the form of a hollow cylinder, with teeth on the end or edge, and operated by a rotative motion.

The trephine was the first of the class of crownsaws. Knight.

Crown side
(Crown" side`) See Crown office.

Crown wheel
(Crown" wheel`) [Named from its resemblance to a crown.] (Mach.) A wheel with cogs or teeth set at right angles to its plane; — called also a contrate wheel or face wheel.

(Crown"work`) n. (Fort.) A work consisting of two or more bastioned fronts, with their outworks, covering an enceinte, a bridgehead, etc., and connected by wings with the main work or the river bank.

(Crow"-quill`) n. A quill of the crow, or a very fine pen made from such a quill.

(Crows) n. pl.; sing. Crow. (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians of the Dakota stock, living in Montana; — also called Upsarokas.

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