1. A number of things collected or closely pressed together; also, a number of things adjacent to each other.

A crowd of islands.

2. A number of persons congregated or collected into a close body without order; a throng.

The crowd of Vanity Fair.

Crowds that stream from yawning doors.

3. The lower orders of people; the populace; the vulgar; the rabble; the mob.

To fool the crowd with glorious lies.

He went not with the crowd to see a shrine.

Syn. — Throng; multitude. See Throng.

(Crowd), n. [W. crwth; akin to Gael. cruit. Perh. named from its shape, and akin to Gr. kyrto`s curved, and E. curve. Cf. Rote.] An ancient instrument of music with six strings; a kind of violin, being the oldest known stringed instrument played with a bow. [Written also croud, crowth, cruth, and crwth.]

A lackey that . . . can warble upon a crowd a little.
B. Jonson.

(Crowd), v. t. To play on a crowd; to fiddle. [Obs.] "Fiddlers, crowd on." Massinger.

(Crowd"er) n. One who plays on a crowd; a fiddler. [Obs.] "Some blind crowder." Sir P. Sidney.

(Crowd"er), n. One who crowds or pushes.

(Crow"dy) n. A thick gruel of oatmeal and milk or water; food of the porridge kind. [Scot.]

(Crow"flow`er) n. (Bot.) A kind of campion; according to Gerarde, the Lychnis Flos-cuculi.

(Crow"foot`) n.

1. (Bot.) The genus Ranunculus, of many species; some are common weeds, others are flowering plants of considerable beauty.

2. (Naut.) A number of small cords rove through a long block, or euphroe, to suspend an awning by.

3. (Mil.) A caltrop. [Written also crow's-foot.]

4. (Well Boring) A tool with a side claw for recovering broken rods, etc. Raymond.

(Crow"keep`er) n. A person employed to scare off crows; hence, a scarecrow. [Obs.]

Scaring the ladies like a crowkeeper.

(Crown) p. p. of Crow. [Obs.]

(Crown) n. [OE. corone, coroun, crune, croun, OF. corone, corune, F. couronne, fr. L. corona crown, wreath; akin to Gr. korw`nh anything curved, crown; cf. also L. curvus curved, E. curve, curb, Gael. cruinn round, W. crwn. Cf. Cornice, Corona, Coroner, Coronet.]

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