To be at cross-purposes, to misunderstand or to act counter to one another without intending it; — said of persons.

(Cross"-ques`tion) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cross- questioned p. pr. & vb. n. Cross-questioning.] To cross-examine; to subject to close questioning.

(Cross"-read`ing) n. The reading of the lines of a newspaper directly across the page, instead of down the columns, thus producing a ludicrous combination of ideas.

(Cross"road`) n. A road that crosses another; an obscure road intersecting or avoiding the main road.

(Cross"row`) n.

1. The alphabet; — called also Christcross-row.

And from the crossrow plucks the letter G.

2. A row that crosses others.

(Cross"ruff`) n. (Whist) The play in whist where partners trump each a different suit, and lead to each other for that purpose; — called also seesaw.

(Cross"-spale` Cross"-spall`) (- sp?l`), n. [See Spale & Spall.] (Shipbuilding) One of the temporary wooden braces, placed horizontally across a frame to hold it in position until the deck beams are in; a cross-pawl.

(Cross"-spring`er) n. (Arch.) One of the ribs in a groined arch, springing from the corners in a diagonal direction. [See Illustr. of Groined vault.]

(Cross"-staff`) n.

1. An instrument formerly used at sea for taking the altitudes of celestial bodies.

2. A surveyor's instrument for measuring offsets.

(Cross"-stitch`) n. A form of stitch, where the stitches are diagonal and in pairs, the thread of one stitch crossing that of the other. "Tent and cross-stitch." Sir W. Scott.Cross"-stitch`, v. t. & i.

(Cross"patch`) n. An ill-natured person. [Colloq.] "Crosspatch, draw the latch." Mother Goose.

(Cross"-pawl`) n. (Shipbuilding) Same as Cross-spale.

(Cross"piece`) n.

1. A piece of any structure which is fitted or framed crosswise.

2. (Naut.) A bar or timber connecting two knightheads or two bitts.

(Cross"-pur`pose) n.

1. A counter or opposing purpose; hence, that which is inconsistent or contradictory. Shaftesbury.

2. pl. A conversational game, in which questions and answers are made so as to involve ludicrous combinations of ideas. Pepys.

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