Cribriform cells(Bot.), those which have here and there oblique or transverse sieve plates, or places perforated with many holes.

(Crib"rose) a. [L. cribrum sieve.] Perforated like a sieve; cribriform.

(Cric) n. [prob. fr. F. cric a jackscrew.] The ring which turns inward and condenses the flame of a lamp. Knight.

(Crick) n. [See Creak.] The creaking of a door, or a noise resembling it. [Obs.] Johnson.

(Crick), n. [The same as creek a bending, twisting. See Creek, Crook.]

1. A painful, spasmodic affection of the muscles of some part of the body, as of the neck or back, rendering it difficult to move the part.

To those also that, with a crick or cramp, have thei necks drawn backward.

2. [Cf. F. cric.] A small jackscrew. Knight.

Cribber to Cringe

(Crib"ber Crib"-bit`er) (-b?t"?r) , n. A horse that has the habit of cribbing.

(Crib"bing) n.

1. The act of inclosing or confining in a crib or in close quarters.

2. Purloining; stealing; plagiarizing. [Colloq.]

3. (Mining) A framework of timbers and plank backing for a shaft lining, to prevent caving, percolation of water, etc.

4. A vicious habit of a horse; crib- biting. The horse lays hold of the crib or manger with his teeth and draws air into the stomach with a grunting sound.

(Crib"-bit`ing) n. Same as Cribbing, 4.

(Crib"ble) n. [F. crible, LL. criblus sieve, fr. L. cribrum.]

1. A coarse sieve or screen.

2. Coarse flour or meal. [Obs.] Johnson.

(Crib"ble), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cribbled (-b'ld); p. pr. & vb. n. Cribbling ] [Cf. F. cribler.] To cause to pass through a sieve or riddle; to sift.

(Crib"ble), a. Coarse; as, cribble bread. [Obs.] Huloet.

(||Cri*bel"lum) n. [L., a small sieve, dim. of cribrum sieve.] (Zoöl.) A peculiar perforated organ of certain spiders used for spinning a special kind of silk.

(Crib"rate) a. [L. cribratus, p. p. of cribrare to sift, fr. cribrum a sieve.] Cribriform.

(Cri*bra"tion) n. [Cf. F. cribration, fr. L. cribrare to sift. See Cribble, n.] (Pharmacy) The act or process of separating the finer parts of drugs from the coarser by sifting.

(Crib"ri*form) a. [L. cribrum sieve + -form: cf. F. cribriforme.] Resembling, or having the form of, a sieve; pierced with holes; as, the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone; a cribriform compress.

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