Dumb crambo, a game in which one party of players give a word which rhymes with another, which last to be guessed by the opposing party, who represent in dumb show what they think it to be.

(Cram"mer) n. One who crams; esp., one who prepares a pupil hastily for an examination, or a pupil who is thus prepared. Dickens.

(Cra*moi"sie Cra*moi"sy) a. [F. cramoisi crimson. See Crimson.] Crimson. [Obs.]

A splendid seignior, magnificent in cramoisy velevet.

(Cramp) n. [OE. crampe, craumpe; akin to D. & Sw. kramp, Dan. krampe, G. krampf Icel. krappr strait, narrow, and to E. crimp, crumple; cf. cram. See Grape.]

1. That which confines or contracts; a restraint; a shackle; a hindrance.

A narrow fortune is a cramp to a great mind.

Crippling his pleasures with the cramp of fear.

2. (Masonry) A device, usually of iron bent at the ends, used to hold together blocks of stone, timbers, etc.; a cramp iron.

3. (Carp.) A rectangular frame, with a tightening screw, used for compressing the joints of framework, etc.

3. To put hastily through an extensive course of memorizing or study, as in preparation for an examination; as, a pupil is crammed by his tutor.

(Cram), v. i.

1. To eat greedily, and to satiety; to stuff.

Gluttony . . . .
Crams, and blasphemes his feeder.

2. To make crude preparation for a special occasion, as an examination, by a hasty and extensive course of memorizing or study. [Colloq.]

(Cram), n.

1. The act of cramming.

2. Information hastily memorized; as, a cram from an examination. [Colloq.]

3. (Weaving) A warp having more than two threads passing through each dent or split of the reed.

(Cram"bo) n. [Cf. Cramp, a., difficult.]

1. A game in which one person gives a word, to which another finds a rhyme.

I saw in one corner . . . a cluster of men and women, diverting themselves with a game at crambo. I heard several double rhymes . . . which raised a great deal of mirth.

2. A word rhyming with another word.

His similes in order set
And every crambo he could get.

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