Counterfeiter to Countersink

(Coun"ter*feit`er) n.

1. One who counterfeits; one who copies or imitates; especially, one who copies or forges bank notes or coin; a forger.

The coin which was corrupted by counterfeiters.

2. One who assumes a false appearance or semblance; one who makes false pretenses.

Counterfeiters of devotion.

(Coun"ter*feit`ly), adv. By forgery; falsely.

(Coun"ter*fe`sance) n. [OF. contrefaisance, fr. contrefaire. See Counterfeit, a.] The act of forging; forgery. [Obs.] [Written also counterfaisance.]

(Coun"ter*fleu`ry) a. [F. contrefleuri.] (Her.) Counterflory.

(Coun"ter*flo`ry) a. [See Counterfleury.] (Her.) Adorned with flowers (usually fleurs-de- lis) so divided that the tops appear on one side and the bottoms on the others; — said of any ordinary.

(Coun"ter*foil`) n. [Counter- + foil a leaf.]

1. That part of a tally, formerly in the exchequer, which was kept by an officer in that court, the other, called the stock, being delivered to the person who had lent the king money on the account; — called also counterstock. [Eng.]

2. The part of a writing (as the stub of a bank check) in which are noted the main particulars contained in the corresponding part, which has been issued.

(Coun"ter*force`) n. An opposing force.

(Coun"ter*fort`) n.

1. (Fort.) A kind of buttress of masonry to strengthen a revetment wall.

2. A spur or projection of a mountain. Imp. Dict.

(Coun"ter*gage`) n. (Carp.) An adjustable gage, with double points for transferring measurements from one timber to another, as the breadth of a mortise to the place where the tenon is to be made. Knight.

(Coun"ter*guard`) n. (Fort.) A low outwork before a bastion or ravelin, consisting of two lines of rampart parallel to the faces of the bastion, and protecting them from a breaching fire.

(Coun"ter*ir`ri*tant) n., Counterirritation
(Coun"ter*ir`ri*ta"tion), n. See Counter irritant, etc., under Counter, a.

(Coun"ter*ir"ri*tate) v. t. (Med.) To produce counter irritation in; to treat with one morbid process for the purpose of curing another.

(Coun"ter*jump`er) n. A salesman in a shop; a shopman; — used contemptuously. [Slang]

(Coun"ter*man) n.; pl. Countermen (- men). A man who attends at the counter of a shop to sell goods. [Eng.]

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