(Com`pla*cen"tial) a. Marked by, or causing, complacence. [Obs.] "Complacential love." Baxter.

(Com*pla"cent*ly) adv. In a complacent manner.

(Com*plain") v. i. [imp. & p. p. Complained ; p. pr. & vb. n. Complaining.] [F. complaindre, LL. complangere; com- + L. plangere to strike, beat, to beat the breast or head as a sign of grief, to lament. See Plaint.]

1. To give utterance to expression of grief, pain, censure, regret. etc.; to lament; to murmur; to find fault; — commonly used with of. Also, to creak or squeak, as a timber or wheel.

O loss of sight, of thee I most complain!

2. To make a formal accusation; to make a charge.

Now, Master Shallow, you'll complain of me to the king?

Syn. — To repine; grumble; deplore; bewail; grieve; mourn; regret; murmur.

(Com*plain"), v. t. To lament; to bewail. [Obs.]

They might the grievance inwardly complain.

By chaste Lucrece's soul that late complain'd
Her wrongs to us.

(Com*plain"a*ble) a. That may be complained of. [R.] Feltham.

(Com*plain"ant) n. [F. complaignant, p. pr. of complaindre.]

1. One who makes complaint.

Eager complainants of the dispute.

2. (Law) (a) One who commences a legal process by a complaint. (b) The party suing in equity, answering to the plaintiff at common law.

He shall forfeit one moiety to the use of the town, and the other moiety to the use of the complainant.
Statutes of Mass.

(Com*plain"er) n. One who complains or laments; one who finds fault; a murmurer. Beattie.

Speechless complainer, I will learn thy thought.

(Com*plaint") n. [F. complainte. See Complain.]

1. Expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, or resentment; lamentation; murmuring; accusation; fault- finding.

I poured out my complaint before him.
Ps. cxlii. 2.

Grievous complaints of you.

2. Cause or subject of complaint or murmuring.

The poverty of the clergy in England hath been the complaint of all who wish well to the church.

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