. See under Close, a.Communion elements, the bread and wine used in the celebration of the Lord's supper.Communion service, the celebration of the Lord's supper, or the office or service therefor.Communion table, the table upon which the elements are placed at the celebration of the Lord's supper.Communion in both kinds, participation in both the bread and wine by all communicants.Communion in one kind, participation in but one element, as in the Roman Catholic Church, where the laity partake of the bread only.

Syn. — Share; participation; fellowship; converse; intercourse; unity; concord; agreement.

(Com"mu*nism) n. [F. communisme, fr. commun common.] A scheme of equalizing the social conditions of life; specifically, a scheme which contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property, as by distributing all wealth equally to all, or by holding all wealth in common for the equal use and advantage of all.

At different times, and in different countries, various schemes pertaining to socialism in government and the conditions of domestic life, as well as in the distribution of wealth, have been called communism.

(Com"mu*nist) n. [F. communiste.]

1. An advocate for the theory or practice of communism.

2. A supporter of the commune of Paris.

(Com`mu*nis"tic) a.

1. Of or pertaining to communism or communists; as, communistic theories.

2. (Zoöl.) Living or having their nests in common, as certain birds.

(Com*mu"ni*ty) n.; pl. Communities [L. communitas: cf. OF. communité. Cf. Commonalty, and see Common.]

1. Common possession or enjoyment; participation; as, a community of goods.

The original community of all things.

An unreserved community of thought and feeling.
W. Irving.

2. A body of people having common rights, privileges, or interests, or living in the same place under the same laws and regulations; as, a community of monks. Hence a number of animals living in a common home or with some apparent association of interests.

Creatures that in communities exist.

3. Society at large; a commonwealth or state; a body politic; the public, or people in general.

Burdens upon the poorer classes of the community.

In this sense, the term should be used with the definite article; as, the interests of the community.

4. Common character; likeness. [R.]

The essential community of nature between organic growth and inorganic growth.
H. Spencer.

5. Commonness; frequency. [Obs.]

Eyes . . . sick and blunted with community.

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