Commonable to Communicate

(Com"mon*a*ble) a.

1. Held in common. "Forests . . . and other commonable places." Bacon.

2. Allowed to pasture on public commons.

Commonable beasts are either beasts of the plow, or such as manure the ground.

(Com"mon*age) n. [Cf. OF. communage.] The right of pasturing on a common; the right of using anything in common with others.

The claim of commonage . . . in most of the forests.

(Com"mon*al*ty) n.; pl. Commonalties [OF. communalté; F. communauté, fr. communal. See Communal.]

1. The common people; those classes and conditions of people who are below the rank of nobility; the commons.

The commonalty, like the nobility, are divided into several degrees.

The ancient fare of our kings differed from that of the commonalty in plenteousness only.

2. The majority or bulk of mankind. [Obs.] Hooker.

(Com"mon*er) n.

1. One of the common people; one having no rank of nobility.

All below them [the peers] even their children, were commoners, and in the eye of the law equal to each other.

2. A member of the House of Commons.

3. One who has a joint right in common ground.

Much good land might be gained from forests . . . and from other commonable places, so as always there be a due care taken that the poor commoners have no injury.

4. One sharing with another in anything. [Obs.] Fuller.

5. A student in the university of Oxford, Eng., who is not dependent on any foundation for support, but pays all university charges; - - at Cambridge called a pensioner.

6. A prostitute. [Obs.] Shak.

(Com"mon*ish), a. Somewhat common; commonplace; vulgar.

(Com`mo*ni"tion) n. [L. commonitio. See Monition.] Advice; warning; instruction. [Obs.] Bailey.

(Com*mon"i*tive) a. Monitory. [Obs.]

Only commemorative and commonitive.
Bp. Hall.

(Com*mon"i*to*ry) a. [L. commonitorius.] Calling to mind; giving admonition. [Obs.] Foxe.

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