Collodion process(Photog.), a process in which a film of sensitized collodion is used in preparing the plate for taking a picture.Styptic collodion, collodion containing an astringent, as tannin.

(Col*lo"di*on*ize) v. t. To prepare or treat with collodion. R. Hunt.

(Col*lo"di*o*type) n. A picture obtained by the collodion process; a melanotype or ambrotype.

(Col*lo"di*um) n. See Collodion.

(Col*logue") v. i. [Cf. L. colloqui and E. dialogue. Cf. Collocution.] To talk or confer secretly and confidentially; to converse, especially with evil intentions; to plot mischief. [Archaic or Colloq.]

Pray go in; and, sister, salve the matter,
Collogue with her again, and all shall be well.

He had been colloguing with my wife.

(Col"loid) a. [Gr. ko`lla glue + -oid. Cf. Collodion.] Resembling glue or jelly; characterized by a jellylike appearance; gelatinous; as, colloid tumors.

(Col"loid) n.

1. (Physiol. Chem.) A substance (as albumin, gum, gelatin, etc.) which is of a gelatinous rather than a crystalline nature, and which diffuses itself through animal membranes or vegetable parchment more slowly than crystalloids do; — opposed to crystalloid.

2. (Med.) A gelatinous substance found in colloid degeneration and colloid cancer.

Styptic colloid(Med.), a preparation of astringent and antiseptic substances with some colloid material, as collodion, for ready use.

(Col*loid"al) a. Pertaining to, or of the nature of, colloids.

(Col*li"sive) a. Colliding; clashing. [Obs.]

(Col*lit"i*gant) a. Disputing or wrangling. [Obs.] — n. One who litigates or wrangles. [Obs.]

(Col"lo*cate) a. [L. collocatus, p. p. of collocare. See Couch.] Set; placed. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Col"lo*cate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Collocated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Collocating ] To set or place; to set; to station.

To marshal and collocate in order his battalions.
E. Hall.

(Col`lo*ca"tion) n. [L. collocatio.] The act of placing; the state of being placed with something else; disposition in place; arrangement.

The choice and collocation of words.
Sir W. Jones.

(Col`lo*cu"tion) n. [L. collocutio, fr. colloqui, -locutum, to converse; col- + loqui to speak. See Loquacious.] A speaking or conversing together; conference; mutual discourse. Bailey.

(Col"lo*cu`tor) n. [L. collocutor] One of the speakers in a dialogue. Derham.

(Col*lo"di*on) n. [Gr. like glue; ko`lla glue + form. Cf. Colloid.] (Chem.) A solution of pyroxylin (soluble gun cotton) in ether containing a varying proportion of alcohol. It is strongly adhesive, and is used by surgeons as a coating for wounds; but its chief application is as a vehicle for the sensitive film in photography.

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