(Col"ley) n. See Collie.

(Col*lide") v. i. [L. collidere, collisum; col- + laedere to strike. See Lesion.] To strike or dash against each other; to come into collision; to clash; as, the vessels collided; their interests collided.

Across this space the attraction urges them. They collide, they recoil, they oscillate.

No longer rocking and swaying, but clashing and colliding.

(Col*lide"), v. t. To strike or dash against. [Obs.]

Scintillations are . . . inflammable effluencies from the bodies collided.
Sir T. Browne.

(Col"li*dine) n. [Gr. ko`lla glue.] (Chem.) One of a class of organic bases, C8H11N, usually pungent oily liquids, belonging to the pyridine series, and obtained from bone oil, coal tar, naphtha, and certain alkaloids.

(Col"lie) n. [Gael. cuilean whelp, puppy, dog.] (Zoöl.) The Scotch shepherd dog. There are two breeds, the rough-haired and smooth-haired. It is remarkable for its intelligence, displayed especially in caring for flocks. [Written also colly, colley.]

(Col"lied) p. & a. Darkened. See Colly, v. t.

(Col"lier) n. [OE. colier. See Coal.]

1. One engaged in the business of digging mineral coal or making charcoal, or in transporting or dealing in coal.

2. A vessel employed in the coal trade.

(Col"lier*y) n.; pl. Collieries [Cf. Coalery, Collier.]

1. The place where coal is dug; a coal mine, and the buildings, etc., belonging to it.

2. The coal trade. [Obs.] Johnson.

(Col"li*flow`er) n. See Cauliflower.

(Col"li*gate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Colligated; p. pr. & vb. n. Colligating.] [L. colligatus, p. p. of colligare to collect; co- + ligare to bind.]

1. To tie or bind together.

The pieces of isinglass are colligated in rows.

2. (Logic) To bring together by colligation; to sum up in a single proposition.

He had discovered and colligated a multitude of the most wonderful . . . phenomena.

(Col"li*gate), a. Bound together.

(Col`li*ga"tion) n. [L. colligatio.]

1. A binding together. Sir T. Browne.

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