(Clum"ber) n. [Named from the estate of the Duke of Newcastle.] (Zoöl.) A kind of field spaniel, with short legs and stout body, which, unlike other spaniels, hunts silently.

(Clump) n. [Cf. D. klomp lump, G. klump, klumpen, Dan. klump, Sw. klump; perh. akin to L. globus, E. globe. Cf. Club.]

1. An unshaped piece or mass of wood or other substance.

2. A cluster; a group; a thicket.

A clump of shrubby trees.

3. The compressed clay of coal strata. Brande & C.

(Clump), v. t. To arrange in a clump or clumps; to cluster; to group. Blackmore.

(Clump), v. i. To tread clumsily; to clamp. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

(Clump"er) v. t. [Cf. G. klümpern to clod. See Clump, n.] To form into clumps or masses. [Obs.]

Vapors . . . clumpered in balls of clouds.
Dr. H. More.

(Clumps) n. A game in which questions are asked for the purpose of enabling the questioners to discover a word or thing previously selected by two persons who answer the questions; — so called because the players take sides in two "clumps" or groups, the "clump" which guesses the word winning the game.

(Clump"y) a. [From Clump, n.] Composed of clumps; massive; shapeless. Leigh Hunt.

(Clum"si*ly) adv. In a clumsy manner; awkwardly; as, to walk clumsily.

(Clum"si*ness), n. The quality of being clumsy.

The drudging part of life is chiefly owing to clumsiness and ignorance.

(Clum"sy) a. [Compar. Clumsier ; superl. Clumsiest.] [OE. clumsed benumbed, fr. clumsen to be benumbed; cf. Icel. klumsa lockjaw, dial. Sw. klummsen benumbed with cold. Cf. 1st Clam, and 1st Clamp.]

1. Stiff or benumbed, as with cold. [Obs.]

2. Without skill or grace; wanting dexterity, nimbleness, or readiness; stiff; awkward, as if benumbed; unwieldy; unhandy; hence; ill- made, misshapen, or inappropriate; as, a clumsy person; a clumsy workman; clumsy fingers; a clumsy gesture; a clumsy excuse.

But thou in clumsy verse, unlicked, unpointed,
Hast shamefully defied the Lord's anointed.

Syn. — See Awkward.

(Clunch) n. [Perh. fr. clinch to make fast]

1. (Mining) Indurated clay. See Bind, n., 3.

2. One of the hard beds of the lower chalk. Dana.

(Clung) imp. & p. p. of Cling.

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