Chowchow chop, the last lighter containing the small sundry packages sent off to fill up a ship. S. W. Williams.

(Chow"chow`) n. (Com.) A kind of mixed pickles.

(Chow"der) n. [F. chaudière a kettle, a pot. Cf. Caldron.]

1. (Cookery) A dish made of fresh fish or clams, biscuit, onions, etc., stewed together.

2. A seller of fish. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

Chowder beer, a liquor made by boiling black spruce in water and mixing molasses with the decoction.

(Chow"der), v. t. To make a chowder of.

(||Chow"ry) n. [Hind. chaunri.] A whisk to keep off files, used in the East Indies. Malcom.

(Chow"ter) v. t. [Cf. OE. chowre, and Prov. E. chow, to grumble.] To grumble or mutter like a froward child. [Obs.] E. Phillips.

Choy root
(Choy" root`) See Chay root.

(Chre`ma*tis"tics) n. [Gr. 9sc. ) the art of traffic, fr. goods, money, fr. to use.] The science of wealth; the science, or a branch of the science, of political economy.

(Chre`o*tech"nics) n. [Gr. useful + art.] The science of the useful arts, esp. agriculture, manufactures, and commerce. [R.]

(Chres`to*math"ic) a. Teaching what is useful. "A chrestomathic school." Southey.

(Chres*tom"a*thy) n. [Gr. useful + to learn.] A selection of passages, with notes, etc., to be used in acquiring a language; as, a Hebrew chrestomathy.

(Chrism) n. [OE. crisme, from AS. crisma; also OE. creme, fr. OF. cresme, like the AS. word fr. LL. chrisma, fr. Gr. fr. to anoint; perh. akin to L. friare, fricare, to rub, Skr. gharsh, E. friable, friction. Cf. Chrisom.] (Gr. & R. C. Churchs)

1. Olive oil mixed with balm and spices, consecrated by the bishop on Maundy Thursday, and used in the administration of baptism, confirmation, ordination, etc.

2. The same as Chrisom.

(Chris"mal) a. [LL. chrismalis.] Of or pertaining to or used in chrism.

(Chris*ma"tion) n. [LL. chrismatio.] The act of applying the chrism, or consecrated oil.

Chrismation or cross-signing with ointment, was used in baptism.
Jer. Taylor.

(Chris"ma*to*ry) n. [LL. chrismatorium.] A cruet or vessel in which chrism is kept.

(Chris"om) n. [See Chrism.]

1. A white cloth, anointed with chrism, or a white mantle thrown over a child when baptized or christened. [Obs.]

Chowchow to Chromic

(Chow"chow`) a. [Chin.] Consisting of several kinds mingled together; mixed; as, chowchow sweetmeats (preserved fruits put together).

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