Chopping block, a solid block of wood on which butchers and others chop meat, etc.Chopping knife, a knife for chopping or mincing meat, vegetables, etc.; — usually with a handle at the back of the blade instead of at the end.

(Chop"py) a. [Cf. Chappy.]

1. Full of cracks. "Choppy finger." Shak.

2. [Cf. Chop a change.] Rough, with short, tumultuous waves; as, a choppy sea.

(Chops) n. pl. [See Chop a jaw.]

1. The jaws; also, the fleshy parts about the mouth.

2. The sides or capes at the mouth of a river, channel, harbor, or bay; as, the chops of the English Channel.

Chopboat to Chout

(Chop"boat`) n. [Chin. chop sort, quality.] A licensed lighter employed in the transportation of goods to and from vessels. [China] S. W. Williams.

(Chop"church`) n. [See Chop to barter.] (Old Eng. Law) An exchanger or an exchange of benefices. [Cant]

(Chop`fall`en) a. Having the lower chop or jaw depressed; hence, crestfallen; dejected; dispirited; downcast. See Chapfallen.

(Chop"house`) n. A house where chops, etc., are sold; an eating house.

The freedom of a chophouse.
W. Irving.

(Chop"house`), n. [See Chop quality.] A customhouse where transit duties are levied. [China] S. W. Williams.

(Chop"in) n. [F. chopine, fr. G. schoppen.] A liquid measure formerly used in France and Great Britain, varying from half a pint to a wine quart.

(Chop"in), n. See Chopine.

(Cho*pine") n. [Cf. OF. chapin, escapin, Sp. chapin, Pg. chapim.] A clog, or patten, having a very thick sole, or in some cases raised upon a stilt to a height of a foot or more. [Variously spelt chioppine, chopin, etc.]

Your ladyship is nearer to heaven than when I saw you last, by the altitude of a chopine.

(Chop"-log`ic) n. One who bandies words or is very argumentative. [Jocular] Shak.

(Chop"ness) n. A kind of spade. [Eng.]

(Chop"per) n. One who, or that which, chops.

(Chop"ping) a. [Cf. Chubby.] Stout or plump; large. [Obs.] Fenton.

(Chop"ping), a. [See Chop to barter.] Shifting or changing suddenly, as the wind; also, having tumbling waves dashing against each other; as, a chopping sea.

(Chop"ping), n. Act of cutting by strokes.

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