Chokeberry to Chop

(Choke"ber`ry) n. (Bot.) The small apple-shaped or pear-shaped fruit of an American shrub (Pyrus arbutifolia) growing in damp thickets; also, the shrub.

(Choke"cher`ry) n. (Bot.) The astringent fruit of a species of wild cherry (Prunus Virginiana); also, the bush or tree which bears such fruit.

Choke damp
(Choke" damp`) See Carbonic acid, under Carbonic.

(||Cho`ke*dar") n. [Hindi chauki-dar.] A watchman; an officer of customs or police. [India]

(Choke"-full`) a. Full to the brim; quite full; chock-full.

Choke pear
(Choke" pear`)

1. A kind of pear that has a rough, astringent taste, and is swallowed with difficulty, or which contracts the mucous membrane of the mouth.

2. A sarcasm by which one is put to silence; anything that can not be answered. [Low] S. Richardson.

(Chok"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, chokes.

2. A stiff wide cravat; a stock. [Slang]

(Choke"-strap`) n. (Saddlery) A strap leading from the bellyband to the lower part of the collar, to keep the collar in place.

(Chok"ing) a.

1. That chokes; producing the feeling of strangulation.

2. Indistinct in utterance, as the voice of a person affected with strong emotion.

Choky Chokey
(Chok"y Chok"ey) a.

1. Tending to choke or suffocate, or having power to suffocate.

2. Inclined to choke, as a person affected with strong emotion. "A deep and choky voice." Aytoun.

The allusion to his mother made Tom feel rather chokey.
T. Hughes.

(||Cho*læ"ma*a) n. [NL., fr. Gr. bile + blood.] (Med.) A disease characterized by severe nervous symptoms, dependent upon the presence of the constituents of the bile in the blood.

(Chol"a*gogue) a. [Gr. bile + leading, to lead: cf. F. cholagogue.] (Med.) Promoting the discharge of bile from the system.n. An agent which promotes the discharge of bile from the system.

(Cho"late) n. (Chem.) A salt of cholic acid; as, sodium cholate.

(||Chol`e*cys"tis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. bile + bladder.] (Anat.) The gall bladder.

(Chol`e*cys*tot"o*my) n. [Cholecystis + Gr. to cut.] (Surg.) The operation of making an opening in the gall bladder, as for the removal of a gallstone.

(Chol`e*dol"o*gy) n. [Gr. bile + -logy. Cf. F. cholédologie.] (Med.) A treatise on the bile and bilary organs. Dunglison.

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