Bush chat. (Zoöl.) See under Bush.

(Chat), n.

1. A twig, cone, or little branch. See Chit.

2. pl. (Mining) Small stones with ore.

Chat potatoes, small potatoes, such as are given to swine. [Local.]

(||Cha`teau") n.; pl. Chateux [F. château a castle. See Castle.]

1. A castle or a fortress in France.

2. A manor house or residence of the lord of the manor; a gentleman's country seat; also, particularly, a royal residence; as, the chateau of the Louvre; the chateau of the Luxembourg.

The distinctive, French term for a fortified castle of the middle ages is château-fort.

||Chateau en Espagne[F.], a castle in Spain, that is, a castle in the air, Spain being the region of romance.

(Chat"e*laine) n. [F. châtelaine the wife of a castellan, the mistress of a chateau, a chatelaine chain.] An ornamental hook, or brooch worn by a lady at her waist, and having a short chain or chains attached for a watch, keys, trinkets, etc. Also used adjectively; as, a chatelaine chain.

(Chat"e*let) n. [F. châtelet, dim. of château. See Castle.] A little castle.

(Chat"el*la*ny) n. [F. châtellenie.] Same as Castellany.

(||Cha`ti") n. [Cf. F. chat cat.] (Zoöl.) A small South American species of tiger cat

(Cha*toy"ant) a. [F., p. pr. of chatoyer to be chatoyant, fr. chat cat.] (Min.) Having a changeable, varying luster, or color, like that of a changeable silk, or oa a cat's eye in the dark.

(Cha*toy"ant), n. (Min.) A hard stone, as the cat's-eye, which presents on a polished surface, and in the interior, an undulating or wary light.

(Cha*toy"ment) n. [F. chatoiement. See Chatoyant.] Changeableness of color, as in a mineral; play of colors. Cleaceland.

(Chat"tel) n. [OF. chatel; another form of catel. See Cattle.] (Law) Any item of movable or immovable property except the freehold, or the things which are parcel of it. It is a more extensive term than goods or effects.

Chattels are personal or real: personal are such as are movable, as goods, plate, money; real are such rights in land as are less than a freehold, as leases, mortgages, growing corn, etc.

(Chat), n.

1. Light, familiar talk; conversation; gossip.

Snuff, or fan, supply each pause of chat,
With singing, laughing, ogling, and all that.

2. (Zoöl.) A bird of the genus Icteria, allied to the warblers, in America. The best known species are the yellow-breasted chat (I. viridis), and the long-tailed chat In Europe the name is given to several birds of the family Saxicolidæ, as the stonechat, and whinchat.

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