1. Without a chart; having no guide.

2. Not mapped; uncharted; vague. Barlow.

(Char*tog"ra*pher) n., Chartographic
(Char`to*graph"ic) a., Chartography
(Char*tog"ra*phy) n., etc. Same as Cartographer, Cartographic, Cartography, etc.

(Char"to*man`cy) n. [L. charta paper + -mancy. Cf. Cartomancy.] Divination by written paper or by cards.

(Char*tom"e*ter) n. [Chart + -meter.] An instrument for measuring charts or maps.

(||Char`treuse") n. [F.]

1. A Carthusian monastery; esp. La Grande Chartreuse, mother house of the order, in the mountains near Grenoble, France.

2. An alcoholic cordial, distilled from aromatic herbs; — made at La Grande Chartreuse.

(||Char`treux") n. [F.] A Carthusian.

(Char"tu*la*ry) n. See Cartulary.

(Char"wom`an) n.; pl. Charwomen [See Char a chore.] A woman hired for odd work or for single days.

(Char"y) a. [AS. cearig careful, fr. cearu care. See Care.] Careful; wary; cautious; not rash, reckless, or spendthrift; saving; frugal.

His rising reputation made him more chary of his fame.

(Cha*ryb"dis) n. [L., Gr. .] A dangerous whirlpool on the coast of Sicily opposite Scylla on the Italian coast. It is personified as a female monster. See Scylla.

(Chas"a*ble) a. Capable of being chased; fit for hunting. Gower.

(Chase) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Chased ; p. pr. & vb. n. Chasing.] [OF. chacier, F. chasser, fr. (assumed) LL. captiare, fr. L. captare to strive to seize. See Catch.]

1. To pursue for the purpose of killing or taking, as an enemy, or game; to hunt.

We are those which chased you from the field.

Philologists, who chase
A panting syllable through time and place.

2. To follow as if to catch; to pursue; to compel to move on; to drive by following; to cause to fly; — often with away or off; as, to chase the hens away.

Chased by their brother's endless malice from prince to prince and from place to place.

3. To pursue eagerly, as hunters pursue game.

Chasing each other merrily.

(Chase), v. i. To give chase; to hunt; as, to chase around after a doctor. [Colloq.]

(Chase), n. [Cf. F. chasse, fr. chasser. See Chase, v.]

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