To challenge to thearray, favor, polls. See under Challenge, n.

(Chal"lenge), v. i. To assert a right; to claim a place.

Where nature doth with merit challenge.

(Chal"lenge*a*ble) a. That may be challenged.

(Chal"len*ger) n. One who challenges.

(Chal"lis) n. [F. chaly, challis, a stuff made of goat's hair.] A soft and delicate woolen, or woolen and silk, fabric, for ladies' dresses. [Written also chally.]

(Cha"lon) n. A bed blanket. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Cha*lyb"e*an) a. [L. chalybeïus, fr. chalybs steel, Gr. .]

1. Of or pertaining to the Chalybes, an ancient people of Pontus in Asia Minor, celebrated for working in iron and steel.

2. Of superior quality and temper; — applied to steel. [Obs.] Milton.

(Cha*lyb"e*ate) a. [NL. chalybeatus, fr. chalubeïus. See Chalubean.] Impregnated with salts of iron; having a taste like iron; as, chalybeate springs.

(Cha*lyb"e*ate), n. Any water, liquid, or medicine, into which iron enters as an ingredient.

(Cha*lyb"e*ous) a. (Zoöl.) Steel blue; of the color of tempered steel.

(Chal"y*bite) n. (Min.) Native iron carbonate; — usually called siderite.

(Cham) v. t. [See Chap.] To chew. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Sir T. More.

(Cham) n. [See Khan.] The sovereign prince of Tartary; — now usually written khan. Shak.

3. To claim as due; to demand as a right.

Challenge better terms.

4. To censure; to blame. [Obs.]

He complained of the emperors . . . and challenged them for that he had no greater revenues . . . from them.

5. (Mil.) To question or demand the countersign from (one who attempts to pass the lines); as, the sentinel challenged us, with "Who comes there?"

6. To take exception to; question; as, to challenge the accuracy of a statement or of a quotation.

7. (Law) To object to or take exception to, as to a juror, or member of a court.

8. To object to the reception of the vote of, as on the ground that the person in not qualified as a voter. [U. S.]

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