Cerebral apoplexy. See under Apoplexy.

(Cer"e*bral), n. [A false translation of the Skr. murdhanya, lit., head-sounds.] One of a class of lingual consonants in the East Indian languages. See Lingual, n.

Prof. W. D. Whitney calls these letters linguals, and this is their usual designation in the United States.

(Cer"e*bral*ism) n. (Philos.) The doctrine or theory that psychical phenomena are functions or products of the brain only.

(Cer"e*bral*ist), n. One who accepts cerebralism.

(Cer"e*brate) v. i. (Physiol.) To exhibit mental activity; to have the brain in action.

(Cer`e*bra"tion) n. Action of the brain, whether conscious or unconscious.

(Cer"e*bric) a. Of, pertaining to, or derived from, the brain.

Cerebric acid(Physiol. Chem.), a name formerly sometimes given to cerebrin.

(Cer`e*bric"i*ty) n. Brain power. [R.]

(Ce*reb"ri*form) a. [Cerebrum + -form.] Like the brain in form or substance.

(Cere) n. [L. cera wax: cf. F. cire.] (Zoöl.) The soft naked sheath at the base of the beak of birds of prey, parrots, and some other birds. See Beak.

(Cere), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Cering.] [L. cerare, fr. cera wax: cf. F. cirer.] To wax; to cover or close with wax. Wiseman.

(Ce"re*al) a. [L. Cerealis pert. to Ceres, and hence, to agriculture. See Ceres.] Of or pertaining to the grasses which are cultivated for their edible seeds or to their seeds or grain.

(Ce"re*al) n. Any grass cultivated for its edible grain, or the grain itself; — usually in the plural.

(||Ce`re*a"li*a) n. pl. [L. See Cereal.]

1. (Antiq.) Public festivals in honor of Ceres.

2. The cereals. Crabb.

(Ce"re*a*lin) n. (Chem.) A nitrogenous substance closely resembling diastase, obtained from bran, and possessing the power of converting starch into dextrin, sugar, and lactic acid. Watts.

(Cer"e*bel), n. The cerebellum. Derham.

(Cer`e*bel"lar Cer`e*bel"lous) a. (Anat.) Pertaining to the cerebellum.

(Cer`e*bel"lum) n.; pl. E. Cerebellums L. Cerebella [L., dim. of cerebrum brain.] (Anat.) The large lobe of the hind brain in front of and above the medulla; the little brain. It controls combined muscular action. See Brain.

(Cer"e*bral) a. [L. cerebrum brain; akin to Gr. ka`ra head: cf. F. cérébral. See Cheer.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the cerebrum.

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