Cental system, the method of buying and selling by the cental, or hundredweight.

(Cen"tare`) n. [F. centiare; centi- (L. centum) + -are.] A measure of area, the hundredth part of an are; one square meter, or about 1&frac15 square yards.

(Cen"taur) n. [L. centaurus, Gr. Ke`ntayros.]

1. (Class. Myth.) A fabulous being, represented as half man and half horse.

2. (Astron.) A constellation in the southern heavens between Hydra and the Southern Cross.

(||Cen`tau*re"a) n. [NL. See Centaury.] (Bot.) A large genus of composite plants, related to the thistles and including the cornflower or bluebottle (Centaurea Cyanus) and the star thistle (C. Calcitrapa).

(Cen"tau*ry) n. [L. centaureum and centauria, Gr. kentay`rion, kentay`reion, and kentayri`h, fr. the Centaur Chiron.] (Bot.) A gentianaceous plant not fully identified. The name is usually given to the Erytheræa Centaurium and the Chlora perfoliata of Europe, but is also extended to the whole genus Sabbatia, and even to the unrelated Centaurea.

(Cen`te*na"ri*an) a. Of or relating to a hundred years.n. A person a hundred years old.

(Cen"te*na*ry) a. [L. centenarius, fr. centum a hundred.]

1. Relating to, or consisting of, a hundred.

2. Occurring once in every hundred years; centennial. "Centenary solemnities." Fuller.

(Cen"te*na*ry), n.; pl. Centenaries

1. The aggregate of a hundred single things; specifically, a century. "Every centenary of years." Hakewill.

2. A commemoration or celebration of an event which occurred a hundred years before.

(Cen*ten"ni*al) a. [L. centum a hundred + annus year.]

1. Relating to, or associated with, the commemoration of an event that happened a hundred years before; as, a centennial ode.

2. Happening once in a hundred years; as, centennial jubilee; a centennial celebration.

3. Lasting or aged a hundred years.

That opened through long lines
Of sacred ilex and centennial pines.

3. An old game at cards, supposed to be like piquet; — so called because 100 points won the game. Nares.

(Cent"age) n. Rate by the hundred; percentage.

(Cen"tal) n. [L. centum a hundred.] A weight of one hundred pounds avoirdupois; — called in many parts of the United States a Hundredweight.

(Cen"tal), n. Relating to a hundred.

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