Capitoline games(Antiq.), annual games instituted at Rome by Camillus, in honor of Jupter Capitolinus, on account of the preservation of the Capitol from the Gauls; when reinstituted by Domitian, arter a period of neglect, they were held every fifth year.

(||Ca*pit"u*la) n. pl. See Capitulum.

(Ca*pit"u*lar) n. [LL. capitulare, capitularium, fr. L. capitulum a small head, a chapter, dim. of capit head, chapter.]

1. An act passed in a chapter.

2. A member of a chapter.

The chapter itself, and all its members or capitulars.

3. The head or prominent part.

(Ca*pit"u*lar) a.

1. (Eccl.) Of or pertaining to a chapter; capitulary.

From the pope to the member of the capitular body.

2. (Bot.) Growing in, or pertaining to, a capitulum.

3. (Anat.) Pertaining to a capitulum; as, the capitular process of a vertebra, the process which articulates with the capitulum of a rib.

(Ca*pit"u*lar*ly) adv. In the manner or form of an ecclesiastical chapter. Sterne.

(Ca*pit"u*la*ry) n.; pl. Capitularies [See Capitular.]

1. A capitular.

2. The body of laws or statutes of a chapter, or of an ecclesiastical council.

Capitellate to Capstan

(Cap`i*tel"late) a. [L. capitellum, dim. of caput head.] (Bot.) Having a very small knoblike termination, or collected into minute capitula.

(||Cap`i*ti*bran`chi*a"ta) n. pl. [NL., from L. caput, capitis, head + -branchiae gills.] (Zoöl.) A division of annelids in which the gills arise from or near the head. See Tubicola.

(Cap"i*tol) [L. capitolium, fr. caput head: cf. F. capitole. See Chief.]

1. The temple of Jupiter, at Rome, on the Mona Capitolinus, where the Senate met.

Comes Cæsar to the Capitol to- morrow?

2. The edifice at Washington occupied by the Congress of the United States; also, the building in which the legislature of State holds its sessions; a statehouse.

(Cap`i*to"li*an Cap"i*to*line) a. [L. capitolinus: cf. F. capitolin.] Of or pertaining to the Capitol in Rome. "Capitolian Jove." Macaulay.

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