Calorific rays, the invisible, heating rays which emanate from the sun, and from burning and heated bodies.

(Ca*lor`i*fi*ca"tion) n. [Cf. F. calorification.] Production of heat, esp. animal heat.

(Ca*lor`i*fi"cient) a. (Physiol.) Having, or relating to the power of producing heat; — applied to foods which, being rich in carbon, as the fats, are supposed to give rise to heat in the animal body by oxidation.

(Cal`o*rim"e*ter) n. [L. calor heat + -meter; cf. F. calorimètre.]

1. (Physiol.) An apparatus for measuring the amount of heat contained in bodies or developed by some mechanical or chemical process, as friction, chemical combination, combustion, etc.

2. (Engineering) An apparatus for measuring the proportion of unevaporated water contained in steam.

(Ca*lor`i*met"ric) a. Of or pertaining to the process of using the calorimeter.

Satisfactory calorimetric results.

(Cal`o*rim"e*try) n. (Physics) Measurement of the quantities of heat in bodies.

(Ca*lor`i*mo"tor) n. [L. calor heat + E. motor.] (Physics) A voltaic battery, having a large surface of plate, and producing powerful heating effects.

(||Ca*lotte" Cal"lot) , n. [F. calotte, dim. of cale a sort of flat cap. Cf. Caul.] A close cap without visor or brim. Especially: (a) Such a cap, worn by English serjeants at law. (b) Such a cap, worn by the French cavalry under their helmets. (c) Such a cap, worn by the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

To assume the calotte, to become a priest.

(Cal"o*type) n. [Gr. kalo`s beautiful + ty`pos type.] (Photog.) A method of taking photographic pictures, on paper sensitized with iodide of silver; — also called Talbotype, from the inventor, Mr. Fox. Talbot.

(Ca*loy"er) n. [F., fr. NGr. a monk; kalo`s beautiful, good + equiv. to Gr. an old man.] A monk of the Greek Church; a cenobite, anchoret, or recluse of the rule of St. Basil, especially, one on or near Mt. Athos.

(Calque), v. t. See 2d Calk, v. t.

(Cal"trop Cal"trap) n. [OE. calketrappe, calletrappe, caltor fr. AS. collræppe, calcetreppe, sort of thistle; cf. F. chaussetrape star thistle, trap, It. calcatreppo, calcatreppolo, star thistle. Perh. from L. calx heel + the same word as E. trap. See 1st Trap.]

(Ca*lor"i*fere) n. [F. calorifère, fr. L. calor heat + ferre to bear.] An apparatus for conveying and distributing heat, especially by means of hot water circulating in tubes.

(Ca*lor`i*fi"ant) a. (Physiol.) See Calorificient.

(Cal`o*rif"ic) a. [L. calorificus; calor heat + facere to make; cf. F. calorifique.] Possessing the quality of producing heat; heating.

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