Burglar alarm, a device for giving alarm if a door or window is opened from without.

(Bur"glar*er) n. A burglar. [Obs.]

(Bur*gla"ri*ous) a. Pertaining to burglary; constituting the crime of burglary.

To come down a chimney is held a burglarious entry.

(Bur*gla"ri*ous*ly), adv. With an intent to commit burglary; in the manner of a burglar. Blackstone.

(Bur"gla*ry) n.; pl. Burglaries [Fr. Burglar; cf. LL. burglaria.] (Law) Breaking and entering the dwelling house of another, in the nighttime, with intent to commit a felony therein, whether the felonious purpose be accomplished or not. Wharton. Burrill.

By statute law in some of the United States, burglary includes the breaking with felonious intent into a house by day as well as by night, and into other buildings than dwelling houses. Various degrees of the crime are established.

(Bur"go*mas`ter) n. [D. burgemeester; burg borough + meester master; akin to G. burgemeister, bürgermeister. See 1st Borough, and Master.]

1. A chief magistrate of a municipal town in Holland, Flanders, and Germany, corresponding to mayor in England and the United States; a burghmaster.

2. (Zoöl.) An aquatic bird, the glaucous gull common in arctic regions.

(Bur"go*net) n. [F. bouruignotte, because the Burgundians, F. Bouruignons, first used it.] A kind of helmet. [Written also burganet.] Shak.

(Burgh"er*ship) n. The state or privileges of a burgher.

(Burgh"mas`ter) n.

1. A burgomaster.

2. (Mining) An officer who directs and lays out the meres or boundaries for the workmen; — called also bailiff, and barmaster. [Eng.]

(Burgh"mote`) n. (AS. Law) [Burgh + mote meeting.] A court or meeting of a burgh or borough; a borough court held three times yearly.

(Bur"glar) n. [OE. burg town, F. bourg, fr. LL. burgus (of German origin) + OF. lere thief, fr. L. latro. See Borough, and Larceny.] (Law) One guilty of the crime of burglary.

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