Bullantic letters, Gothic letters used in papal bulls.

(Bul"la*ry) n. [LL. bullarium: cf. F. bullairie. See Bull an edict.] A collection of papal bulls.

(Bul"la*ry), n.; pl. Bullaries [Cf. Boilary.] A place for boiling or preparing salt; a boilery. Crabb.

And certain salt fats or bullaries.
Bills in Chancery.

(Bul"late) a. [L. bullatus, fr. bulla bubble.] (Biol.) Appearing as if blistered; inflated; puckered.

Bullate leaf(Bot.), a leaf, the membranous part of which rises between the veins puckered elevations convex on one side and concave on the other.

(Bull"beg`gar) n. Something used or suggested to produce terror, as in children or persons of weak mind; a bugbear.

And being an ill-looked fellow, he has a pension from the church wardens for being bullbeggar to all the forward children in the parish.

Bull brier
(Bull" bri`er) (Bot.) A species of Smilax (S. Pseudo-China) growing from New Jersey to the Gulf of Mexico, which has very large tuberous and farinaceous rootstocks, formerly used by the Indians for a sort of bread, and by the negroes as an ingredient in making beer; — called also bamboo brier and China brier.

(Bull"comb*er) n. (Zoöl.) A scaraboid beetle; esp. the Typhæus vulgaris of Europe.

(Bull"dog`) n.

1. (Zoöl.) A variety of dog, of remarkable ferocity, courage, and tenacity of grip; — so named, probably, from being formerly employed in baiting bulls.

2. (Metal.) A refractory material used as a furnace lining, obtained by calcining the cinder or slag from the puddling furnace of a rolling mill.

(Bull"dog`), a. Characteristic of, or like, a bulldog; stubborn; as, bulldog courage; bulldog tenacity.

Bulldog bat(Zo'94l.), a bat of the genus Nyctinomus; — so called from the shape of its face.

Bulla to Bumbarge

(||Bul"la) n.; pl. Bullæ [L. bulla bubble. See Bull an edict.]

1. (Med.) A bleb; a vesicle, or an elevation of the cuticle, containing a transparent watery fluid.

2. (Anat.) The ovoid prominence below the opening of the ear in the skulls of many animals; as, the tympanic or auditory bulla.

3. A leaden seal for a document; esp. the round leaden seal attached to the papal bulls, which has on one side a representation of St. Peter and St. Paul, and on the other the name of the pope who uses it.

4. (Zoöl.) A genus of marine shells. See Bubble shell.

(Bul"lace) n. [OE. bolas, bolace, OF. beloce; of Celtic origin; cf. Arm. bolos, polos, Gael. bulaistear.] (Bot.) (a) A small European plum See Plum. (b) The bully tree.

(Bul*lan"tic) a. [See Bull an edict.] Pertaining to, or used in, papal bulls. Fry.

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