Brussels carpet, a kind of carpet made of worsted yarn fixed in a foundation web of strong linen thread. The worsted, which alone shows on the upper surface in drawn up in loops to form the pattern.Brussels ground, a name given to the handmade ground of real Brussels lace. It is very costly because of the extreme fineness of the threads.Brussels lace, an expensive kind of lace of several varieties, originally made in Brussels; as, Brussels point, Brussels ground, Brussels wire ground.Brussels net, an imitation of Brussels ground, made by machinery.Brussels point. See Point lace. Brussels sprouts(Bot.), a plant of the Cabbage family, which produces, in the axils of the upright stem, numerous small green heads, or "sprouts," each a cabbage in miniature, of one or two inches in

Brusher to Buccaneerish

(Brush"er) n. One who, or that which, brushes.

(Brush"i*ness) n. The quality of resembling a brush; brushlike condition; shagginess. Dr. H. More.

(Brush"ing), a.

1. Constructed or used to brush with; as a brushing machine.

2. Brisk; light; as, a brushing gallop.

(Brush"ite) n. [From George J. Brush, an American mineralogist.] (Min.) A white or gray crystalline mineral consisting of the acid phosphate of calcium.

Brush turkey
(Brush" tur`key) (Zoöl.) A large, edible, gregarious bird of Australia (Talegalla Lathami) of the family Megapodidæ. Also applied to several allied species of New Guinea.

The brush turkeys live in the "brush," and construct a common nest by collecting a large heap of decaying vegetable matter, which generates heat sufficient to hatch the numerous eggs (sometimes half a bushel) deposited in it by the females of the flock.

Brush wheel
(Brush" wheel`)

1. A wheel without teeth, used to turn a similar one by the friction of bristles or something brushlike or soft attached to the circumference.

2. A circular revolving brush used by turners, lapidaries, silversmiths, etc., for polishing.

(Brush"wood) n.

1. Brush; a thicket or coppice of small trees and shrubs.

2. Small branches of trees cut off.

(Brush"y), a. Resembling a brush; shaggy; rough.

(Brusk) a. Same as Brusque.

(Brusque) a. [F. brusque, from It. brusco brusque, tart, sour, perh. fr. L. (vitis) labrusca wild (vine); or cf. OHG. bruttisc grim, fr. brutti terror.] Rough and prompt in manner; blunt; abrupt; bluff; as, a brusque man; a brusque style.

(Brusque"ness), n. Quality of being brusque; roughness joined with promptness; bluntness. Brit. Quar.

(Brus"sels) n. A city of Belgium, giving its name to a kind of carpet, a kind of lace, etc.

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