Buggy cultivator, a cultivator with a seat for the driver.Buggy plow, a plow, or set of plows, having a seat for the driver; — called also sulky plow.

(Bu"gle) n. [OE. bugle buffalo, buffalo's horn, OF. bugle, fr. L. buculus a young bullock, steer, dim. of bos ox. See Cow the animal.] A sort of wild ox; a buffalo. E. Phillips.

(Bu"gle), n. [See Bugle a wild ox.]

1. A horn used by hunters.

2. (Mus.) A copper instrument of the horn quality of tone, shorter and more conical that the trumpet, sometimes keyed; formerly much used in military bands, very rarely in the orchestra; now superseded by the cornet; — called also the Kent bugle.

Bugaboo to Bull

(Bug`a*boo" Bug"bear`) n. [See Bug.] Something frightful, as a specter; anything imaginary that causes needless fright; something used to excite needless fear; also, something really dangerous, used to frighten children, etc. "Bugaboos to fright ye." Lloyd.

But, to the world no bugbear is so great
As want of figure and a small estate.

The bugaboo of the liberals is the church pray.
S. B. Griffin.

The great bugaboo of the birds is the owl.
J. Burroughs.

Syn. — Hobgoblin; goblin; specter; ogre; scarecrow.

(Bug"bane`) n. (Bot.) A perennial white-flowered herb of the order Ranunculaceæ and genus Cimiciguga; bugwort. There are several species.

(Bug"bear`) n. Same as Bugaboo.a. Causing needless fright. Locke.

(Bug"bear`), v. t. To alarm with idle phantoms.

(Bug"fish`) n. (Zoöl.) The menhaden. [U.S.]

(Bug"ger) n. [F. bougre, fr. LL. Bulgarus, a Bulgarian, and also a heretic; because the inhabitants of Bulgaria were infected with heresy. Those guilty of the crime of buggery were called heretics, because in the eyes of their adversaries there was nothing more heinous than heresy, and it was therefore thought that the origin of such a vice could only be owing to heretics.]

1. One guilty of buggery or unnatural vice; a sodomite.

2. A wretch; — sometimes used humorously or in playful disparagement. [Low]

(Bug"ger*y) n. [OF. bougrerie, bogrerie, heresy. See Bugger.] Unnatural sexual intercourse; sodomy.

(Bug"gi*ness) n. [From Buggy, a.] The state of being infested with bugs.

(Bug"gy) a. [From Bug.] Infested or abounding with bugs.

(Bug"gy), n.; pl. Buggies.

1. A light one horse two- wheeled vehicle. [Eng.]

Villebeck prevailed upon Flora to drive with him to the race in a buggy.

2. A light, four-wheeled vehicle, usually with one seat, and with or without a calash top. [U.S.]

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