or case, the bony on cartilaginous case inclosing the brain.Brain coral, Brain stone coral(Zoöl), a massive reef-building coral having the surface covered by ridges separated by furrows so as to resemble somewhat the surface of the brain, esp. such corals of the genera Mæandrina and Diploria.Brain fag(Med.), brain weariness. See Cerebropathy.Brain fever(Med.), fever in which the brain is specially affected; any acute cerebral affection attended by fever.Brain sand, calcareous matter found in the pineal gland.

(Brain) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Brained ; p. pr. & vb. n. Braining.]

1. To dash out the brains of; to kill by beating out the brains. Hence, Fig.: To destroy; to put an end to; to defeat.

There thou mayst brain him.

It was the swift celerity of the death . . .
That brained my purpose.

2. To conceive; to understand. [Obs.]

T is still a dream, or else such stuff as madmen
Tongue, and brain not.

(Brained) p.a. Supplied with brains.

If th' other two be brained like us.

(Brain"ish), a. Hot-headed; furious. [R.] Shak.

(Brain"less), a. Without understanding; silly; thoughtless; witless.Brain"less*ness, n.

(Brain"pan`) n. [Brain + pan.] The bones which inclose the brain; the skull; the cranium.

(Brain"sick`) a. Disordered in the understanding; giddy; thoughtless.Brain"sick*ness, n.

(Brain"sick`ly), adv. In a brainsick manner.

(Brain"y) a. Having an active or vigorous mind. [Colloq.]

(Braise, Braize) n. [So called from its iridescent colors.] (Zoöl.) A European marine fish (Pagrus vulgaris) allied to the American scup; the becker. The name is sometimes applied to the related species. [Also written brazier.]

(Braise, Braize), n. [F.]

1. Charcoal powder; breeze.

2. (Cookery) Braised meat.

(Braise), v. t. [F. braiser, fr. braise coals.] (Cookery) To stew or broil in a covered kettle or pan.

A braising kettle has a deep cover which holds coals; consequently the cooking is done from above, as well as below.
Mrs. Henderson.

(Brais"er) n. A kettle or pan for braising.

(Brait) n. [Cf.W. braith variegated, Ir. breath, breagh, fine, comely.] A rough diamond.

(Braize) n. See Braise.

Brain box

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