(Brack"ish) a. [See Brack salt water.] Saltish, or salt in a moderate degree, as water in saline soil.

Springs in deserts found seem sweet, all brackish though they be.

(Brack"ish*ness), n. The quality or state of being brackish, or somewhat salt.

(Brack"y) a. Brackish. Drayton.

(Bract) n. [See Bractea.] (Bot.) (a) A leaf, usually smaller than the true leaves of a plant, from the axil of which a flower stalk arises. (b) Any modified leaf, or scale, on a flower stalk or at the base of a flower.

Bracts are often inconspicuous, but sometimes large and showy, or highly colored, as in many cactaceous plants. The spathes of aroid plants are conspicuous forms of bracts.

(||Brac"te*a) n. [L., a thin plate of metal or wood, gold foil.] (Bot.) A bract.

(Brac"te*al) a. [Cf.F. bractéal.] Having the nature or appearance of a bract.

(Brac"te*ate) a. [Cf.L. bracteatus covered with gold plate.] (Bot.) Having a bract or bracts.

(Bract"ed) a. (Bot.) Furnished with bracts.

(Brac"te*o*late) a. (Bot.) Furnished with bracteoles or bractlets.

(Brac"te*ole) n. [L. bracteola, dim. of bractea. See Bractea.] (Bot.) Same as Bractlet.

(Bract"less), a. (Bot.) Destitute of bracts.

(Bract"let) n. [Bract + - let] (Bot.) A bract on the stalk of a single flower, which is itself on a main stalk that support several flowers. Gray.

(Brad) n. [Cf.OE. brod, Dan. braad prick, sting, brodde ice spur, frost nail, Sw. brodd frost nail, Icel. broddr any pointed piece of iron or stell; akin to AS. brord point, spire of grass, and perh. to E. bristle. See Bristle, n.] A thin nail, usually small, with a slight projection at the top on one side instead of a head; also, a small wire nail, with a flat circular head; sometimes, a small, tapering, square- bodied finishing nail, with a countersunk head.

Brad awl
(Brad" awl`) A straight awl with chisel edge, used to make holes for brads, etc. Weale.

(Bra*doon") n. Same as Bridoon.

(||Brae) n. [See Bray a hill.] A hillside; a slope; a bank; a hill. [Scot.] Burns.

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