(Bom`ba*zine") n. [F. bombasin, LL. bombacinium, bambacinium, L. bombycinus silken, bombycinum a silk or cotton texture, fr. bombyx silk, silkworm, Gr. . Cf. Bombast, Bombycinous.] A twilled fabric for dresses, of which the warp is silk, and the weft worsted. Black bombazine has been much used for mourning garments. [Sometimes spelt bombasin, and bombasine.] Tomlinson.

(Bom"bic) a. [L. bombyx silk, silkworm: cf. F. bombique.] Pertaining to, or obtained from, the silkworm; as, bombic acid.

(Bom"bi*late) v. i. [LL. bombilare, for L. bombitare. See Bomb, n.] To hum; to buzz. [R.]

(Bom`bi*la"tion) n. A humming sound; a booming.

To . . . silence the bombilation of guns.
Sir T. Browne.

(Bom"bi*nate) v. i. To hum; to boom.

(Bom`bi*na"tion) n. A humming or buzzing.

(Bom"bo*lo) n.; pl. Bomboloes [Cf. It bombola a pitcher.] A thin spheroidal glass retort or flask, used in the sublimation of camphor. [Written also bumbelo, and bumbolo.]

(Bomb"proof`) a. Secure against the explosive force of bombs.n. A structure which heavy shot and shell will not penetrate.

(Bomb"shell`) n. A bomb. See Bomb, n.

(Bom*by"cid) a. (Zoöl.) Like or pertaining to the genus Bombyx, or the family Bombycidæ.

(Bom*byc"i*nous) a. [L. bombycinus. See Bombazine.]

1. Silken; made of silk. [Obs.] Coles.

2. Being of the color of the silkworm; transparent with a yellow tint. E. Darwin.

(Bom*byl"i*ous) a. [L. bombylius a bumblebee, Gr. .] Buzzing, like a bumblebee; as, the bombylious noise of the horse fly. [Obs.] Derham.

(||Bom"byx) n. [L., silkworm. See Bombazine.] (Zoöl.) A genus of moths, which includes the silkworm moth. See Silkworm.

(||Bon) a. [F., fr. L. bonus.] Good; valid as security for something.

(Bon-ac*cord") n. Good will; good fellowship; agreement. [Scot.]

Bona fide
(||Bo"na fi"de) [L.] In or with good faith; without fraud or deceit; real or really; actual or actually; genuine or genuinely; as, you must proceed bona fide; a bona fide purchaser or transaction.

(Bo*nair") a. [OE., also bonere, OF. bonnaire, Cotgr., abbrev. of debonnaire. See Debonair.] Gentle; courteous; complaisant; yielding. [Obs.]

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