(Blowzed) a. Having high color from exposure to the weather; ruddy-faced; blowzy; disordered.

Huge women blowzed with health and wind.

(Blowz"y) a. Coarse and ruddy- faced; fat and ruddy; high colored; frowzy.

(Blub) v. t. & i. [Cf. Bleb, Blob.] To swell; to puff out, as with weeping. [Obs.]

(Blub"ber) n. [See Blobber, Blob, Bleb.]

1. A bubble.

At his mouth a blubber stood of foam.

2. The fat of whales and other large sea animals from which oil is obtained. It lies immediately under the skin and over the muscular flesh.

3. (Zoöl.) A large sea nettle or medusa.

(Blub"ber), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Blubbered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Blubbering.] To weep noisily, or so as to disfigure the face; to cry in a childish manner.

She wept, she blubbered, and she tore her hair.

(Blub"ber), v. t.

1. To swell or disfigure (the face) with weeping; to wet with tears.

Dear Cloe, how blubbered is that pretty face!

2. To give vent to (tears) or utter (broken words or cries); — with forth or out.

(Blub"bered) p. p. & a. Swollen; turgid; as, a blubbered lip. Spenser.

(Blub"ber*ing), n. The act of weeping noisily.

He spake well save that his blubbering interrupted him.

(Blub"ber*y) a.

1. Swollen; protuberant.

2. Like blubber; gelatinous and quivering; as, a blubbery mass.

(Blu"cher) n. A kind of half boot, named from the Prussian general Blücher. Thackeray.

(Bludg"eon) n. [Cf. Ir. blocan a little block, Gael. plocan a mallet, W. plocyn, dim. of ploc block; or perh. connected with E. blow a stroke. Cf. Block, Blow a stroke.] A short stick, with one end loaded, or thicker and heavier that the other, used as an offensive weapon.

(Blue) a. [Compar. Bluer (-er); superl. Bluest.] [OE. bla, blo, blew, blue, livid, black, fr. Icel.blar livid; akin to Dan. blaa blue, Sw. blå, D. blauw, OHG. blao, G. blau; but influenced in form by F. bleu, from OHG. blao.]

1. Having the color of the clear sky, or a hue resembling it, whether lighter or darker; as, the deep, blue sea; as blue as a sapphire; blue violets. "The blue firmament." Milton.

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