Basic salt(Chem.), a salt formed from a base or hydroxide by the partial replacement of its hydrogen by a negative or acid element or radical.

(Bash) v. t. & i. [OE. baschen, baissen. See Abash.] To abash; to disconcert or be disconcerted or put out of countenance. [Obs.]

His countenance was bold and bashed not.

(Ba*shaw") n. [See Pasha.]

1. A Turkish title of honor, now written pasha. See Pasha.

2. Fig.: A magnate or grandee.

3. (Zoöl.) A very large siluroid fish (Leptops olivaris) of the Mississippi valley; — also called goujon, mud cat, and yellow cat.

(Bash"ful) a. [See Bash.]

1. Abashed; daunted; dismayed. [Obs.]

2. Very modest, or modest to excess; constitutionally disposed to shrink from public notice; indicating extreme or excessive modesty; shy; as, a bashful person, action, expression.

Syn. — Diffident; retiring; reserved; shamefaced; sheepish.

(Bash"ful*ly), adv. In a bashful manner.

(Bash"ful*ness), n. The quality of being bashful.

Syn.Bashfulness, Modesty, Diffidence, Shyness. Modesty arises from a low estimate of ourselves; bashfulness is an abashment or agitation of the spirits at coming into contact with others; diffidence is produced by an undue degree of self-distrust; shyness usually arises from an excessive self-consciousness, and a painful impression that every one is looking at us. Modesty of deportment is becoming in all; bashfulness often gives rise to mistakes and blundering; diffidence in society frequently makes a man a burden to himself; shyness usually produces a reserve or distance which is often mistaken for haughtiness.

(||Bash"i-ba*zouk") n. [Turkish, light-headed, a foolish fellow.] A soldier belonging to the irregular troops of the Turkish army.

(Bash"less), a. Shameless; unblushing. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Bas"hyle) n. (Chem.) See Basyle.

(Ba"si-) A combining form, especially in anatomical and botanical words, to indicate the base or position at or near a base; forming a base; as, basibranchials, the most ventral of the cartilages or bones of the branchial arches; basicranial, situated at the base of the cranium; basifacial, basitemporal, etc.

(Ba"sic) a.

1. (Chem.) (a) Relating to a base; performing the office of a base in a salt. (b) Having the base in excess, or the amount of the base atomically greater than that of the acid, or exceeding in proportion that of the related neutral salt. (c) Apparently alkaline, as certain normal salts which exhibit alkaline reactions with test paper.

2. (Min.) Said of crystalline rocks which contain a relatively low percentage of silica, as basalt.

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