Autochronograph to Avail

(Au`to*chron"o*graph) n. [Auto- + chronograph.] An instrument for the instantaneous self- recording or printing of time. Knight.

(Au*toch"thon) n.; pl. E. Authochthons L. Autochthones [L., fr. Gr. pl. from the land itself; a'yto`s self + earth, land.]

1. One who is supposed to rise or spring from the ground or the soil he inhabits; one of the original inhabitants or aborigines; a native; — commonly in the plural. This title was assumed by the ancient Greeks, particularly the Athenians.

2. That which is original to a particular country, or which had there its origin.

(Au*toch"tho*nal Au`thoch*thon"ic) Autochthonous
(Au*toch"tho*nous) a. Aboriginal; indigenous; native.

(Au*toch"tho*nism) n. The state of being autochthonal.

(Au*toch"tho*ny), n. An aboriginal or autochthonous condition.

(Au"to*clave) n. [F., fr. Gr. a'yto`s self + L. clavis key.] A kind of French stewpan with a steam-tight lid. Knight.

(Au*toc"ra*cy) n.; pl. Autocracies. [Gr. : cf. F. autocratie. See Autocrat.]

1. Independent or self-derived power; absolute or controlling authority; supremacy.

The divine will moves, not by the external impulse or inclination of objects, but determines itself by an absolute autocracy.

2. Supreme, uncontrolled, unlimited authority, or right of governing in a single person, as of an autocrat.

3. Political independence or absolute sovereignty (of a state); autonomy. Barlow.

4. (Med.) The action of the vital principle, or of the instinctive powers, toward the preservation of the individual; also, the vital principle. [In this sense, written also autocrasy.] Dunglison.

(Au"to*crat) n. [Gr. self + strength, strong: cf. F. autocrate. See Hard, a.]

1. An absolute sovereign; a monarch who holds and exercises the powers of government by claim of absolute right, not subject to restriction; as, Autocrat of all the Russias

2. One who rules with undisputed sway in any company or relation; a despot.

The autocrat of the breakfast table.

(Au`to*crat"ic Au`to*crat"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to autocracy or to an autocrat; absolute; holding independent and arbitrary powers of government.Au`to*crat"ic*al*ly, adv.

(Au*toc"ra*tor) n. An autocrat. [Archaic]

(Au`to*cra*tor"ic*al) a. Pertaining to an autocrator; absolute. [Obs.] Bp. Pearson.

(||Au*toc"ra*trix) n. [NL.] A female sovereign who is independent and absolute; — a title given to the empresses of Russia.

(Au"to*crat*ship) n. The office or dignity of an autocrat.

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