3. To make satisfaction for; to expiate.

Or each atone his guilty love with life.

(A*tone"ment) n.

1. (Literally, a setting at one.) Reconciliation; restoration of friendly relations; agreement; concord. [Archaic]

By whom we have now received the atonement.
Rom. v. 11.

He desires to make atonement
Betwixt the Duke of Gloucester and your brothers.

2. Satisfaction or reparation made by giving an equivalent for an injury, or by doing of suffering that which will be received in satisfaction for an offense or injury; expiation; amends; — with for. Specifically, in theology: The expiation of sin made by the obedience, personal suffering, and death of Christ.

When a man has been guilty of any vice, the best atonement be can make for it is, to warn others.

The Phocians behaved with, so much gallantry, that they were thought to have made a sufficient atonement for their former offense.

(A*ton"er) n. One who makes atonement.

(At*ones) adv. [See At one.] [Obs.]

Down he fell atones as a stone.

(A*ton"ic) a. [Cf. F. atonique. See Atony.]

1. (Med.) Characterized by atony, or want of vital energy; as, an atonic disease.

2. (Gram.) Unaccented; as, an atonic syllable.

3. Destitute of tone vocality; surd. Rush.

(A*ton"ic), n.

1. (Gram.) A word that has no accent.

2. An element of speech entirely destitute of vocality, or produced by the breath alone; a nonvocal or surd consonant; a breathing. Rush.

3. (Med.) A remedy capable of allaying organic excitement or irritation. Dunglison.

(At"o*ny) n. [Gr. slackness; 'a priv. + tone, strength, to stretch: cf. F. atonie.] (Med.) Want of tone; weakness of the system, or of any organ, especially of such as are contractile.

(A*top") adv. On or at the top. Milton.

(At`ra*bi*la"ri*an At`ra*bi*la"ri*ous) a. [LL. atrabilarius, fr. L. atra bilis black bile: cf. F. atrabilaire, fr. atrabile.] Affected with melancholy; atrabilious. Arbuthnot.

(At`ra*bi*la"ri*an), n. A person much given to melancholy; a hypochondriac. I. Disraeli.

(At`ra*bil"iar) a. Melancholy; atrabilious.

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