3. To set free from guilt; to absolve. [Archaic]

Acquitted and assoiled from the guilt.
Dr. H. More.

Many persons think themselves fairly assoiled, because they are . . . not of scandalous lives.
Jer. Taylor.

4. To expiate; to atone for. [Archaic] Spenser.

Let each act assoil a fault.
E. Arnold.

5. To remove; to put off. [Obs.]

She soundly slept, and careful thoughts did quite assoil.

(As*soil"), v. t. [Pref. ad- + soil.] To soil; to stain. [Obs. or Poet.] Beau. & Fl.

Ne'er assoil my cobwebbed shield.

(As*soil"ment) n. Act of assoiling, or state of being assoiled; absolution; acquittal.

(As*soil"ment), n. A soiling; defilement.

(As*soil"zie As*soil"yie), v. t. [Old form assoil&yoghe. See Assoil.] (Scots Law) To absolve; to acquit by sentence of court.

God assoilzie him for the sin of bloodshed.
Sir W. Scott.

(As"so*nance) n. [Cf. F. assonance. See Assonant.]

1. Resemblance of sound. "The disagreeable assonance of ‘sheath' and ‘sheathed.'" Steevens.

2. (Pros.) A peculiar species of rhyme, in which the last accepted vowel and those which follow it in one word correspond in sound with the vowels of another word, while the consonants of the two words are unlike in sound; as, calamo and platano, baby and chary.

The assonance is peculiar to the Spaniard.

3. Incomplete correspondence.

Assonance between facts seemingly remote.

(As"so*nant) a. [L. assonans, p. pr. of assonare to sound to, to correspond to in sound; ad + sonare to sound, sonus sound: cf. F. assonant. See Sound.]

1. Having a resemblance of sounds.

2. (Pros.) Pertaining to the peculiar species of rhyme called assonance; not consonant.

(As`so*nan"tal) a. Assonant.

(As"so*nate) v. i. [L. assonare, assonatum, to respond to.] To correspond in sound.

(As*sort") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Assorted; p. pr. & vb. n. Assorting.] [F. assortir; (L. ad) + sortir to cast or draw lots, to obtain by lot, L. sortiri, fr. sors, sortis, lot. See Sort.]

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