Arguer to Arithmomancy

(Ar"gu*er) n. One who argues; a reasoner; a disputant.

(Ar"gu*fy) v. t. & i. [Argue + -fy.]

1. To argue pertinaciously. [Colloq.] Halliwell.

2. To signify. [Colloq.]

(||Ar"gu*lus) n. [NL., dim of Argus.] (Zoöl.) A genus of copepod Crustacea, parasitic of fishes; a fish louse. See Branchiura.

(Ar"gu*ment) n. [F. argument, L. argumentum, fr. arguere to argue.]

1. Proof; evidence. [Obs.]

There is.. no more palpable and convincing argument of the existence of a Deity.

Why, then, is it made a badge of wit and an argument of parts for a man to commence atheist, and to cast off all belief of providence, all awe and reverence for religion?

2. A reason or reasons offered in proof, to induce belief, or convince the mind; reasoning expressed in words; as, an argument about, concerning, or regarding a proposition, for or in favor of it, or against it.

3. A process of reasoning, or a controversy made up of rational proofs; argumentation; discussion; disputation.

The argument is about things, but names.

4. The subject matter of a discourse, writing, or artistic representation; theme or topic; also, an abstract or summary, as of the contents of a book, chapter, poem.

You and love are still my argument.

The abstract or argument of the piece.

[Shields] with boastful argument portrayed.

5. Matter for question; business in hand. [Obs.]

Sheathed their swords for lack of argument.

6. (Astron.) The quantity on which another quantity in a table depends; as, the altitude is the argument of the refraction.

7. (Math.) The independent variable upon whose value that of a function depends. Brande & C.

(Ar"gu*ment) v. i. [L. argumentari.] To make an argument; to argue. [Obs.] Gower.

(Ar`gu*men"ta*ble) a. [L. argumentabilis.] Admitting of argument. [R.] Chalmers.

(Ar`gu*men"tal) a. [L. argumentalis.] Of, pertaining to, or containing, argument; argumentative.

(Ar`gu*men*ta"tion) n. [L. argumentatio, from argumentari: cf. F. argumentation.]

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