anciently held his court in the church of St. Mary-le-Bow (de arcubus). It is now held in Westminster. Mozley & W.

(Ar"che*ty`pal) a. Of or pertaining to an archetype; consisting a model (real or ideal) or pattern; original. "One archetypal mind." Gudworth.

Among Platonists, the archetypal world is the world as it existed as an idea of God before the creation.

(Ar"che*ty`pal*ly), adv. With reference to the archetype; originally. "Parts archetypally distinct." Dana.

(Ar"che*type) n. [L. archetypum, Gr. 'arche`typon, fr. 'arche`typos stamped first and as model; 'arche = 'archi + ty`pos stamp, figure, pattern, ty`ptein to strike: cf. F. archétype. See Arch- , pref.]

1. The original pattern or model of a work; or the model from which a thing is made or formed.

The House of Commons, the archetype of all the representative assemblies which now meet.

Types and shadows of that glorious archetype that was to come into the world.

2. (Coinage) The standard weight or coin by which others are adjusted.

3. (Biol.) The plan or fundamental structure on which a natural group of animals or plants or their systems of organs are assumed to have been constructed; as, the vertebrate archetype.

(Ar`che*typ"ic*al) a. Relating to an archetype; archetypal.

(||Ar*che"us) n. [LL. archeus, Gr. 'archai^os ancient, primeval, fr. 'archh` beginning. See Archi-, pref.] The vital principle or force which (according to the Paracelsians) presides over the growth and continuation of living beings; the anima mundi or plastic power of the old philosophers. [Obs.] Johnson.

(Ar"chi-) [L., archi-, Gr. 'archi-, a prefix which is from the same root as 'a`rchein to be first, to begin; 'archh the first place, beginning; 'archo`s chief. Cf. AS. arce-, erce-, OHG. erzi-, G. erz- .] A prefix signifying chief, arch; as, architect, archiepiscopal. In Biol. and Anat. it usually means primitive, original, ancestral; as, archipterygium, the primitive fin or wing.

(||Ar`chi*an*nel"i*da) n. pl. [NL.; pref. archi- + annelida.] (Zoöl.) A group of Annelida remarkable for having no external segments or distinct ventral nerve ganglions.

(Ar"chi*a`ter) n. [L. archiatrus, Gr. pref. + physician, to heal.] Chief physician; — a term applied, on the continent of Europe, to the first or body physician of princes and to the first physician of some cities. P. Cyc.

(||Ar`chi*blas"tu*la) n. [Pref. archi + blastula.] (Biol.) A hollow blastula, supposed to be the primitive form; a cœloblastula.

(Ar"chi*cal) a. [Gr. able to govern, fr. beginning, government. See Arch-, pref.] Chief; primary; primordial. [Obs.] Cudworth.

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