(Ap"pen*age), n. See Appanage.

(Ap*pend") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Appended; p. pr. & vb. n. Appending.] [L. appendere or F. appendre: cf. OE. appenden, apenden, to belong, OF. apendre, F. appendre, fr. L. appendere, v. i., to hang to, appendere, v. t., to hang to; ad + pendere, v. i., to hang, pendere, v. t., to hang. See Pendant.]

1. To hang or attach to, as by a string, so that the thing is suspended; as, a seal appended to a record; the inscription was appended to the column.

2. To add, as an accessory to the principal thing; to annex; as, notes appended to this chapter.

A further purpose appended to the primary one.
I. Taylor.

(Ap*pend"age), n.

1. Something appended to, or accompanying, a principal or greater thing, though not necessary to it, as a portico to a house.

Modesty is the appendage of sobriety.
Jer. Taylor.

2. (Biol.) A subordinate or subsidiary part or organ; an external organ or limb, esp. of the articulates.

Antennæ and other appendages used for feeling.

Syn. — Addition; adjunct; concomitant.

(Ap*pend"aged), a. Furnished with, or supplemented by, an appendage.

(Ap*pend"ance), n. [F.] Something appendant.

(Ap*pend"ant), a. [F. appendant, p. pr. of appendre. See Append, v. t.]

1. Hanging; annexed; adjunct; concomitant; as, a seal appendant to a paper.

As they have transmitted the benefit to us, it is but reasonable we should suffer the appendant calamity.
Jer. Taylor.

2. (Law) Appended by prescription, that is, a personal usage for a considerable time; — said of a thing of inheritance belonging to another inheritance which is superior or more worthy; as, an advowson, common, etc. , which may be appendant to a manor, common of fishing to a freehold, a seat in church to a house. Wharton. Coke.

(Ap*pend"ant), n.

1. Anything attached to another as incidental or subordinate to it.

2. (Law) A inheritance annexed by prescription to a superior inheritance.

(Ap*pend"ence Ap*pend"en*cy) n. State of being appendant; appendance. [Obs.]

(Ap*pend"i*cal) a. Of or like an appendix.

(Ap*pend"i*cate) v. t. To append. [Obs.]

(Ap*pend`i*ca"tion) n. An appendage. [Obs.]

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