2. Performed or accomplished in a year; reckoned by the year; as, the annual motion of the earth.

A thousand pound a year, annual support.

2. Lasting or continuing only one year or one growing season; requiring to be renewed every year; as, an annual plant; annual tickets. Bacon.

(An"nu*al), n.

1. A thing happening or returning yearly; esp. a literary work published once a year.

2. Anything, especially a plant, that lasts but one year or season; an annual plant.

Oaths . . . in some sense almost annuals; . . . and I myself can remember about forty different sets.

3. (R. C. Ch.) A Mass for a deceased person or for some special object, said daily for a year or on the anniversary day.

(An"nu*al*ist), n. One who writes for, or who edits, an annual. [R.]

(An"nu*al*ly), adv. Yearly; year by year.

(An"nu*a*ry) a. [Cf. F. annuaire.] Annual. [Obs.] — n. A yearbook.

(An"nu*el*er) n. A priest employed in saying annuals, or anniversary Masses. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(An"nu*ent) a. [L. annuens, p. pr. of annuere; ad + nuere to nod.] Nodding; as, annuent muscles

(An*nu"i*tant) n. [See Annuity.] One who receives, or its entitled to receive, an annuity. Lamb.

(An*nu"i*ty) n.; pl. Annuities [LL. annuitas, fr. L. annus year: cf. F. annuité.] A sum of money, payable yearly, to continue for a given number of years, for life, or forever; an annual allowance.

(An*nul") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Annulled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Annulling.] [F. annuler, LL. annullare, annulare, fr. L. ad to + nullus none, nullum, neut., nothing. See Null, a.]

1. To reduce to nothing; to obliterate.

Light, the prime work of God, to me's extinct.
And all her various objects of delight

2. To make void or of no effect; to nullify; to abolish; to do away with; — used appropriately of laws, decrees, edicts, decisions of courts, or other established rules, permanent usages, and the like, which are made void by component authority.

Do they mean to annul laws of inestimable value to our liberties?

Syn. — To abolish; abrogate; repeal; cancel; reverse; rescind; revoke; nullify; destroy. See Abolish.

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