Anglo-American, . Of or pertaining to the English and Americans, or to the descendants of Englishmen in America.n. A descendant from English ancestors born in America, or the United States.

Anglo-Danish, a. Of or pertaining to the English and Danes, or to the Danes who settled in England.

Anglo-Indian, a. Of or pertaining to the English in India, or to the English and East Indian peoples or languages.n. One of the Anglo- Indian race born or resident in the East Indies.

Anglo-Norman, a. Of or pertaining to the English and Normans, or to the Normans who settled in England.n. One of the English Normans, or the Normans who conquered England.

Anglo-Saxon. See Anglo-Saxon in the Vocabulary.

(An"glo-Cath"o*lic), a., Of or pertaining to a church modeled on the English Reformation; Anglican; — sometimes restricted to the ritualistic or High Church section of the Church of England.

(An"glo-Cath"o*lic), n. A member of the Church of England who contends for its catholic character; more specifically, a High Churchman.

(An"glo*ma"ni*a) n. [Anglo'cf + mania.] A mania for, or an inordinate attachment to, English customs, institutions, etc.

(An`glo*ma"ni*ac), n. One affected with Anglomania.

(An`glo*pho"bi*a) n. [Anglo- + Gr. fear.] Intense dread of, or aversion to, England or the English.An"glo*phobe n.

(An"glo-Sax"on) n. [L. Angli- Saxones English Saxons.]

1. A Saxon of Britain, that is, an English Saxon, or one the Saxons who settled in England, as distinguished from a continental (or "Old") Saxon.

2. pl. The Teutonic people (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) of England, or the English people, collectively, before the Norman Conquest.

It is quite correct to call Æthelstan "King of the Anglo-Saxons," but to call this or that subject of Æthelstan "an Anglo-Saxon" is simply nonsense.
E. A. Freeman.

3. The language of the English people before the Conquest See Saxon.

4. One of the race or people who claim descent from the Saxons, Angles, or other Teutonic tribes who settled in England; a person of English descent in its broadest sense.

(An"glo-Sax"on), a. Of or pertaining to the Anglo-Saxons or their language.

(An"glo-Sax"on*dom) n. The Anglo- Saxon domain (i. e., Great Britain and the United States, etc.); the Anglo- Saxon race.

(An"glo-Sax"on*ism) n.

(An"gli*fy) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Anglified ; p. pr. & vb. n. Anglifying.] [L. Angli + -fly.] To convert into English; to anglicize. Franklin. Darwin.

(An"gling) n. The act of one who angles; the art of fishing with rod and line. Walton.

(An"glo-) [NL. Anglus English. See Anglican.] A combining form meaning the same as English; or English and, or English conjoined with; as, Anglo-Turkish treaty, Anglo-German, Anglo-Irish.

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