Allantoic acid. (Chem.) See Allantoin.

(Al*lan"toid Al`lan*toid"al) a. [Gr. shaped like a sausage; sausage + form.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the allantois.

(||Al`lan*toid"e*a) n. pl. [NL.] (Zoöl.) The division of Vertebrata in which the embryo develops an allantois. It includes reptiles, birds, and mammals.

(Al*lan"to*in) n. (Chem.) A crystalline, transparent, colorless substance found in the allantoic liquid of the fetal calf; — formerly called allantoic acid and amniotic acid.

(||Al*lan"to*is Al*lan"toid) n.. (Anat.) A membranous appendage of the embryos of mammals, birds, and reptiles, — in mammals serving to connect the fetus with the parent; the urinary vesicle.

(Al"la*trate) v. i. [L. allatrare. See Latrate.] To bark as a dog. [Obs.] Stubbes.

(Al*lay") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Allayed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Allaying.] [OE. alaien, aleggen, to lay down, put down, humble, put an end to, AS. alecgan; a- (cf. Goth. us-, G. er-, orig. meaning out) + lecgan to lay; but confused with old forms of allege, alloy, alegge. See Lay.]

1. To make quiet or put at rest; to pacify or appease; to quell; to calm; as, to allay popular excitement; to allay the tumult of the passions.

2. To alleviate; to abate; to mitigate; as, to allay the severity of affliction or the bitterness of adversity.

It would allay the burning quality of that fell poison.

Syn. — To alleviate; check; repress; assuage; appease; abate; subdue; destroy; compose; soothe; calm; quiet. See Alleviate.

(Al*lay") v. t. To diminish in strength; to abate; to subside. "When the rage allays." Shak.

(Al*lay"), n. Alleviation; abatement; check. [Obs.]

(Al*lay"), n. Alloy. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Al*lay"), v. t. To mix (metals); to mix with a baser metal; to alloy; to deteriorate. [Archaic] Fuller.

(Al*lay"er) n. One who, or that which, allays.

(Al*lay"ment) n. An allaying; that which allays; mitigation. [Obs.]

The like allayment could I give my grief.

Alla breve to Alleviation

Alla breve
(||Al`la bre"ve) [It., according to the breve.] (Old Church Music) With one breve, or four minims, to measure, and sung faster like four crotchets; in quick common time; — indicated in the time signature by .

(||Al"lah) n. [ contr. fr. the article al the + ilah God.] The name of the Supreme Being, in use among the Arabs and the Mohammedans generally.

(All`-a-mort") a. See Alamort.

(Al"lan*ite) n. [From T. Allan, who first distinguished it as a species.] (min.) A silicate containing a large amount of cerium. It is usually black in color, opaque, and is related to epidote in form and composition.

(Al`lan*to"ic) a. [Cf. F. allantoïque.] Pertaining to, or contained in, the allantois.

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