Alien enemy(Law), one who owes allegiance to a government at war with ours. Abbott.

(Al"ien), n.

2. The art of calculating with any species of notation; as, the algorithms of fractions, proportions, surds, etc.

(Al"gous) a. [L. algosus, fr. alga seaweed.] Of or pertaining to the algæ, or seaweeds; abounding with, or like, seaweed.

(||Al`gua*zil") n. [Sp. alguacil, fr. Ar. alwazir the vizier. Cf. Vizier.] An inferior officer of justice in Spain; a warrant officer; a constable. Prescott.

(Al"gum) n. Same as Almug 2 Chron. ii. 8.

(Al*ham"bra) n. [Ultimately fr. Ar. al the + hamra red; i. e., the red (sc. house).] The palace of the Moorish kings at Granada.

(Al`ham*bra"ic Al`ham*bresque") a. Made or decorated after the fanciful style of the ornamentation in the Alhambra, which affords an unusually fine exhibition of Saracenic or Arabesque architecture.

(||Al*hen"na) n. See Henna.

(A"li*as) adv. [L., fr. alius. See Else.] (Law) (a) Otherwise; otherwise called; — a term used in legal proceedings to connect the different names of any one who has gone by two or more, and whose true name is for any cause doubtful; as, Smith, alias Simpson. (b) At another time.

(A"li*as), n.; pl. Aliases [L., otherwise, at another time.] (Law) (a) A second or further writ which is issued after a first writ has expired without effect. (b) Another name; an assumed name.

(Al"i*bi) n. [L., elsewhere, at another place. See Alias.] (Law) The plea or mode of defense under which a person on trial for a crime proves or attempts to prove that he was in another place when the alleged act was committed; as, to set up an alibi; to prove an alibi.

(Al`i*bil"i*ty) n. Quality of being alible.

(Al"i*ble) a. [L. alibilis, fr. alere to nourish.] Nutritive; nourishing.

(Al"i*cant) n. A kind of wine, formerly much esteemed; — said to have been made near Alicant, in Spain. J. Fletcher.

(Al"i*dade) n. [LL. alidada, alhidada, fr. Ar. al-'idada a sort of rule: cf. F. alidade.] The portion of a graduated instrument, as a quadrant or astrolabe, carrying the sights or telescope, and showing the degrees cut off on the arc of the instrument Whewell.

(Al"ien) a. [OF. alien, L. alienus, fr. alius another; properly, therefore, belonging to another. See Else.]

1. Not belonging to the same country, land, or government, or to the citizens or subjects thereof; foreign; as, alien subjects, enemies, property, shores.

2. Wholly different in nature; foreign; adverse; inconsistent (with); incongruous; — followed by from or sometimes by to; as, principles alien from our religion.

An alien sound of melancholy.

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