Note of admiration, the mark called also exclamation point.

Syn. — Wonder; approval; appreciation; adoration; reverence; worship.

(Ad*mir"a*tive) a. Relating to or expressing admiration or wonder. [R.] Earle.

(Ad*mire") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Admired ; p. pr. & vb. n. Admiring ] [F. admirer, fr. L. admirari; ad + mirari to wonder, for smirari, akin to Gr. to smile, Skr. smi, and E. smile.]

1. To regard with wonder or astonishment; to view with surprise; to marvel at. [Archaic]

Examples rather to be admired than imitated.

2. To regard with wonder and delight; to look upon with an elevated feeling of pleasure, as something which calls out approbation, esteem, love, or reverence; to estimate or prize highly; as, to admire a person of high moral worth, to admire a landscape.

Admired as heroes and as gods obeyed.

Admire followed by the infinitive is obsolete or colloquial; as, I admire to see a man consistent in his conduct.

Syn. — To esteem; approve; delight in.

(Ad*mire"), v. i. To wonder; to marvel; to be affected with surprise; — sometimes with at.

To wonder at Pharaoh, and even admire at myself.

(Ad*mired") a.

1. Regarded with wonder and delight; highly prized; as, an admired poem.

2. Wonderful; also, admirable. [Obs.] "Admired disorder." " Admired Miranda." Shak.

(Ad*mir"er) n. One who admires; one who esteems or loves greatly. Cowper.

(Ad*mir"ing), a. Expressing admiration; as, an admiring glance.Ad*mir"ing*ly, adv. Shak.

(Ad*mis`si*bil"i*ty) n. [Cf. F. admissibilité.] The quality of being admissible; admissibleness; as, the admissibility of evidence.

(Ad*mis"si*ble) a. [F. admissible, LL. admissibilis. See Admit.] Entitled to be admitted, or worthy of being admitted; that may be allowed or conceded; allowable; as, the supposition is hardly admissible.Ad*mis"si*ble*ness, n.Ad*mis"si*bly, adv.

(Ad*mis"sion) n. [L. admissio: cf. F. admission. See Admit.]

1. Wonder; astonishment. [Obs.]

Season your admiration for a while.

2. Wonder mingled with approbation or delight; an emotion excited by a person or thing possessed of wonderful or high excellence; as, admiration of a beautiful woman, of a landscape, of virtue.

3. Cause of admiration; something to excite wonder, or pleased surprise; a prodigy.

Now, good Lafeu, bring in the admiration.

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