Adipose fin(Zoöl.), a soft boneless fin.Adipose tissue(Anat.), that form of animal tissue which forms or contains fat.

(Ad"i*pose`ness Ad`i*pos"i*ty) n. The state of being fat; fatness.

(Ad"i*pous) a. Fatty; adipose. [R.]

(A*dip"sous) a. [Gr. 'a priv. + thirst.] Quenching thirst, as certain fruits.

(Ad"ip*sy) n. [Gr. not thirsty; 'a priv. + thirst.] (Med.) Absence of thirst.

(Ad"it) n. [L. aditus, fr. adire, aitum, to go to; ad + ire to go.]

1. An entrance or passage. Specifically: The nearly horizontal opening by which a mine is entered, or by which water and ores are carried away; — called also drift and tunnel.

2. Admission; approach; access. [R.]

Yourself and yours shall have
Free adit.

(Ad"ja"cence Ad*ja"cen*cy) [Cf. LL. adjacentia.]

1. The state of being adjacent or contiguous; contiguity; as, the adjacency of lands or buildings.

2. That which is adjacent. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

(Ad*ja"cent) a. [L. adjacens, -centis, p. pr. of adjacere to lie near; ad + jacere to lie: cf. F. adjacent.] Lying near, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on; as, a field adjacent to the highway. "The adjacent forest." B. Jonson.

Adjacentor contiguous angle. (Geom.) See Angle.

Syn. — Adjoining; contiguous; near. — Adjacent, Adjoining, Contiguous. Things are adjacent when they lie close each other, not necessary in actual contact; as, adjacent fields, adjacent villages, etc.

I find that all Europe with her adjacent isles is peopled with Christians.

(A*dip"ic) a. [L. adeps, adipis, fat.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, fatty or oily substances; — applied to certain acids obtained from fats by the action of nitric acid.

(Ad`i*poc"er*ate) v. t. To convert into adipocere.

(Ad`i*poc`er*a"tion) n. The act or process of changing into adipocere.

(Ad"i*po*cere`) n. [L. adeps, adipis, fat + cera wax: cf. F. adipocere.] A soft, unctuous, or waxy substance, of a light brown color, into which the fat and muscle tissue of dead bodies sometimes are converted, by long immersion in water or by burial in moist places. It is a result of fatty degeneration.

(Ad`i*po*cer"i*form) a. [Adipocere + -form.] Having the form or appearance of adipocere; as, an adipoceriform tumor.

(Ad`i*poc"er*ous) a. Like adipocere.

(Ad"i*pose`) a. [L. adeps, adipis, fat, grease.] Of or pertaining to animal fat; fatty.

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