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U.S The United States of North America.

Ubeda Orbaneia, painter of Ubeda, sometimes painted a cock so preposterously designed that he was obliged to write under it, “This is a cock.” (Cervantes: Don Quixote, pt. ii. bk. i. 3.)

Udal Tenure The same as “allodial tenure,” the opposite of “feudal tenure.” Feudal tenure is the holding of a tenement of land under a feudal lord. Udal tenure is a sort of freehold, held by the right of long possession. (Icelandic, othal, allodial.)

Ugly means hag-like. Mr. Dyer derives it from ouph-lie, like an ough or goblin. The Welsh hagr, ugly, would rather point to hag-lie, like a hag; but we need only go to the Old English verb ugge, to feel an abhorrence of, to stand in fear of. (Icelandic, uggligr, uggr, horror.)

“For tha paynes are so felle and harde ...
That ilk man may ugge bothe yhowng and awlde.”
Hampole, M.S. Bowes, p. 189.
Ugly (See Pierre du Coignet.)

Ugly as Sin

“Sin is a creature of such hideous mien
That to be hated needs but to be seen.”
Ugolino Count of Pisa, deserted his party the Ghibellines, and with the hope of usurping supreme power in Pisa formed an alliance with Giovanni Visconti, the head of the Guelphic party, who promised to supply him secretly with soldiers from Sardinia. The plot was found out, and both were banished. Giovanni died, but the latter joined the Florentines, and forced the Pisans to restore his territories. In 1284 Genoa made war against Pisa, and Count Ugolino treacherously deserted the Pisans, causing their total overthrow. At length a conspiracy was formed against him, and in 1288 he was cast with his two sons and two grandsons into the tower of Gualandi, where they were all starved to death. Dante, in his Inferno, has given the sad tale an undying interest.
   N.B. Count Ugolino was one of the noble family of Gheradesca, and should be styled Ugolino Count of Gheradesca.

Uhlan (German). A horse-soldier chiefly employed in reconnoitering, skirmishing, and outpost duty.

Ukase (2 syl.). A Russian term for an edict either proceeding from the senate or direct from the emperor. (Russian, ukaza, an edict.)

Ul-Erin “The Guide of Ireland.” A star supposed to be the guardian of that island. (Ossian: Temora, iv.)

Ulania Queen of Perduta or Islanda, sent a golden shield to Charlemagne, which he was to give to his bravest paladin. Whoever could win the shield from this paladin was to claim the hand of Ulania in marriage. (Orlando Furioso, bk. xv.)

Ulema In Turkey, either a member of the college or the college itself. The Ulema consists of the imaums, muftis, and cadis (ministers of religion, doctors of law, and administrators of justice). “Ulema” is the plural of ulim, a wise man.

“The Ulema is not an ecclesiastical body, except so far as law in Mahometan countries is based on the Koran.”- Creasy: Ottoman Turks, vi. 105.
Uller The god of archery and the chase. No one could outstrip him in his snow-shoes. (Scandinavian mythology.)

Ullin Fingal's aged bard. (Ossian.)
   Lord Ullin's Daughter. A ballad by Campbell. She eloped with the chief of Ulva's Isle, and, being pursued, induced a boatman to row them over Lochgyle during a storm. The boat was overwhelmed just as Lord Ullin and his retinue reached the lake. In an agony of distress, he now promised to forgive the fugitives, but it was too late: “the waters wild rolled o'er his child, and he was left lamenting.”

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