Thunder and Lightning to Tigris

Thunder and Lightning or Tonnant. Stephen II. of Hungary (1100, 1114-1131).

Thunders of the Vatican The anathemas and denunciations of the Pope, whose palace is the Vatican of Rome.
   Properly speaking, the Vatican consists of the Papal palace, the court and garden of Belvedere, the library, and the museum, all on the right bank of the Tiber.

Thunderbolt of Italy Gaston de Foix, nephew of Louis XII. (1489-1512.)

Thunderbolts Jupiter was depicted by the ancients as a man seated on a throne, holding a sceptre in his left hand and thunderbolts in his right. Modern science has proved there are no such things as thunderstones, though many tons of bolides (2 syl.), aërolites (3 syl.), meteors, or shooting stars (of stony or metallic substance) fall annually to our earth. These “air-stones,” however, have no connection with thunder and lightning.

“Be ready, gods, with all your thunderbolts;
Dash him to pieces!”
Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, iv. 3.
Thunderer (The). A name applied to The Times newspaper, in allusion to an article by Captain Ed. Sterling, beginning thus:-

“We thundered forth the other day an article on the subject of social and political reform.”- The Times.
Thundering Legion Under cover of a thunderstorm which broke over them they successfully attacked the Marcomanni. (See Legion, Theban Legion .)
    This is a mere legend of no historic value. The legion was so called at least a century before the reign of Aurelius; probably because it bore on its shields or ensigns a representation of Jupiter Tonans.

Thunstone The successor of King Arthur. (Nursery Tale: Tom Thumb.)

Thursday That is, Thor's day. In French, Jeudi- i.e. Jove's day.

Thursday (See Black .)
   When three Thursdays meet. Never (q.v.). In French, “Cela arrivera la semaine des trois jeudis.”
   Maundy Thursday. (See Maundy Thursday.)

Tiara A composite emblem. Its primary meaning is purity and chastity- the foundation being of fine linen. The gold band denotes supremacy. The first cap of dignity was adopted by Pope Damasus II. in 1048. The cap was surmounted with a high coronet in 1295 by Boniface VIII The second coronet was added in 1335 by Benedict XII., to indicate the prerogatives of spiritual and temporal power combined in the Papacy. The third coronet is indicative of the Trinity, but it is not known who first adopted it; some say Urban V., others John XXII., John XXIII., or Benedict XII.

“The symbol of my threefold dignity, in heaven, upon earth, and in purgatory.”- Pope Pius IX. (1871).
    The triple crown most likely was in imitation of that of the Jewish high priest.

“On his head was a white turban, and over this a second striped with dark blue. On his forehead he wore a plate of gold, on which the name of Jehovah was inscribed. And, being at once high priest and prince, this was connected with a triple crown on the temples and back of the head.”- Eldad the Pilgrim, chap. x.
Tib St. Tib's Eve. Never. A corruption of St. Ubes. There is no such saint in the calendar as St. Ubes, and therefore her eve falls on the “Greek Kalends” (q.v.), neither before Christmas Day nor after it.

Tib and Tom Tib is the ace of trumps, and Tom is the knave of trumps in the game of Gleek.

“That gamester needs must overcome, That can play both Tib and Tom.” Randolph: Hermuphrodite, p. 640.
Tiber called The Yellow Tiber, because it is discoloured with yellow mud.

“Verticlbus rapidis, et multa flavus arena.” Virgil: AEneid, vii. 31.
Tibullus The French Tibullus. Evariste Désiré Desforges, Chevalier de Parny (1753-1814).

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